Province: Barcelona
Shire: Anoia
Inhabitants: 205
Extension: 31,4 Km2
Altitude: 770 m

Pujalt is a small municipality in the region of Anoia, it is located in the center of Catalonia, on the border of the province of Barcelona and playing with the region of La Segarra. Its situation in the Catalan Central Depression gives wide panoramic views of the Pyrenees, the crests of Montserrat, the Sierras de Pinós and Boixadors and the Plans d'Urgell. The municipality is formed by five nuclei: l'Astor, Conill, La Guàrdia Pilosa, Vilamajor and Pujalt. It has an area of 31.72 km2 with a total of two hundred inhabitants, but, despite being a small municipality, it stands out in the area due to the numerous activities that are carried out. Each of these nuclei has its own identity and the city council has taken advantage of it and has supported all kinds of activities that add to this effort.

The cores of Pujalt, Conill, la Guàrdia and l'Astor, which with their stone houses, narrow alleys and covered steps retain that flavor of antiquity.

The parish church of Sant Andreu, nucleus of Pujalt, located at the exit of the nucleus. Documented at the end of the 11th century, it is a late modified Romanesque style construction. The bell tower was built in 1871.

The castle of Pujalt, La Mota, nucleus of Pujalt, of which only pieces of walls remain, crowned the 773m high mountain.

The Gothic chapel of the Purísima Concepció, Pujalt nucleus, built from 1399, is located at the entrance of the town to touch the wall. It consists of a nave with an almond-tip vault and a triangle-shaped belfry bell tower.

The church of St. Vicenç, Conill nucleus, built at the beginning of the 17th century, is an elongated building with a small bell tower at one end.

The church of Sta. Magdalena de l'Astor, of Romanesque origin (documented as of 1157), was renovated in 1520. The adintelado portal, the archivolt and a small belfry bell tower are the most significant features that remain. It has recently been restored.

The church of St. Joan de Vilamajor, of Romanesque building, documented in the year 1157, formed by a single enlarged nave with a semicircular apse. Restored in 2000.

In Vilamajor we will also find a medieval necropolis.

In the municipality of Pujalt you can do very varied activities and visit places with very special charms. Which will allow you to make excursions that young and old will like. It also has accommodation in rural houses.

Places of interest

Visit to the Center d'Interpretació of the Military Camp de l'Exèrcit Popular.

Visit to the Observatory of Pujalt.

Where to sleep

Les Corts de Biosca

Sant Mateu de Bages (a 17.5 Km)

Agrotourism equipped, comfortable and with splendid views one hour from Barcelona. Heating…

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Masia Cal Mestre

Sant Martí de Tous (a 18.1 Km)

Masia Cal Mestre is an 18th century house completely renovated, in Central…

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Molí Blanc Hotel

Jorba (a 19.5 Km)

Old paper mill dating from 1750, built on the banks of the…

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La Torre del Codina

Tàrrega (a 22.4 Km)

The Tower of the Codina is in the term of the Talladell,…

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Santuari del Miracle, Apartaments i Restaurant

Riner (a 23.5 Km)

The Miracle Restaurant is located in the Miracle Sanctuary. In the kitchen…

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Masia Can Ollé de la Guàrdia

El Bruc (a 26.9 Km)

Can Ollé de la Guardia, a 15th-century country house in the middle…

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Allotjaments Mircla

Rocafort de Queralt (a 29.2 Km)

Two separate accommodations for up to 4 persons each, fully equipped with…

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Arcs Llacuna

La Llacuna (a 28.8 Km)

House located in La Llacuna where there are three independent rural accommodations:…

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Where to eat

Hostal de Pinós

Pinós (a 15.8 Km)

The Hostal de Pinos is located at the geographic center of Catalonia…

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Santuari del Miracle, Apartaments i Restaurant

Riner (a 23.5 Km)

The Miracle Restaurant is located in the Miracle Sanctuary. In the kitchen…

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What to do

Barcelona és molt més

Discovers that Barcelona is much more! Near Barcelona have a world of…

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Memorial de l'Exèrcit popular


The Popular Army Memorial Pujalt invites you to know the history of…

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Observatori de Pujalt


The Pujalt Observatory is more than a meteorological observatory, it is also…

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El Trill, Associació cultural del terme d’Argençola

Argençola (a 13.4 Km)

It is an association formed by residents of Argençola (Anoia), which includes…

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La Passió de Cervera

Cervera (a 13.4 Km)

The Passion of Cervera is a theatrical representation of life, death and…

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Globus Kon-Tiki

Òdena (a 24.4 Km)

Having touched virtually all types of adventure sports, Globus Kon-tiki has specialized…

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Pessebre Vivent de Les Torres de Fals

Fonollosa (a 26.1 Km)

The visit to Bethlehem closes among shepherds, who offer a memory of…

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Castell de Ciutadilla

Ciutadilla (a 29.1 Km)

Interesting monument of a strange and arrogant architectural beauty and home to…

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Els Pets concert in Cervera


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Dramatized visits in Guissona

26/09/2021 ...

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Isagoge and Fiesta Mayor de Cervera

17/09/2021 - 27/09/2021

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Concabella Castle Music Festival at Els Plans de Sió

02/10/2021 ...

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Guided visit to the Castle of San Esteban

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