Sant Mateu de Bages

Province: Barcelona
Shire: Bages
Inhabitants: 663
Extension: 102,9 Km2
Altitude: 569 m

Sant Mateu de Bages is a municipality located in the Northwest of the Region of Bages, in the west it borders the Sierra de Pinós and the Segarra de la Molsosa plateau (regions of the Anoia and the Solsonès) to the north with the Sierra de las Garrigues, at noon with the Fonollosa Valley and get up with the depression of the Cardener.

In 1840, the grouping of several nuclei gave rise to the municipality of Sant Mateu de Bages, which with 102.9 km2, is the largest in the province of Barcelona, and consists of five villages, Castelltallat, Coaner, Salo, San Mateo and Valls de Torroella. It could also be added that the current term includes the old stables of Meià and Claret de Cavallers.

Half of the population lives in farmhouses scattered throughout the sprawling municipality, and the other half is concentrated in Valls de Torroella, a former textile colony, the only nucleus with urban characteristics.

The territory is predominantly mountainous, modeled by several planes, stirrups and small valleys and drained by the Salo, Coaner and Fonollosa streams, all of them tributaries of the Cardener River. It is crossed by the Center for the Sierra de Castelltallat, (approximate altitude 880m, and a maximum height of 936 m. On the hill of Cal Pons) area included in the Plan of Spaces of Natural Interest and in the Natura 2000 Network, with a 4,790.80 Ha. The Cardener River crosses the northeast sector of the term.

It has a very important natural and forest heritage, the most prominent of the region, although it was very affected as a result of the fires of 1994 and 1998. Where there is no forest, the meadows of Junquillo or Fenassar predominate. The crops located in the flattest areas are dry land and mainly cereals. There are important vestiges that suggest that the vineyard and olive groves were very important in the past.

Although the municipality is climatically included in a Mediterranean medium-mountain climate, characterized by low rainfall and a marked thermal variation, an observation at the local level allows a certain decrease in rainfall compared to the northern part of the region, possibly due to the influence of the more continental climate of the neighboring regions of the Anoia and the Segarra. But instead, its oscillation • thermal installation is not as pronounced as that of other places. There is a real winter, and thermal investments and mists abound at the bottom of the basins and valleys .

The main productive sector of the municipality is the primary one, where the livestock sector is getting stronger with pig and poultry farms. As far as the cultures, the arable ones predominate (cereals, mainly barley, but also legumes and fodder). Since 1990, rural tourism has taken an important boost in our municipality, it has become a complementary economic activity for the agricultural sector.

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