Disconnect looking at the sky

Disconnect looking at the sky

Looking at the sky is always interesting, there is not a single day that we find the clouds in the same position, we clearly observe all the stars or the moon shines equally. In Catalonia we like to look at the sky, and not only at the meteorological level, but also to glimpse the Universe beyond the clouds, and on which we still do not know so many things!

Since time immemorial, we humans have felt the need to look at the sky and answer the questions we were asked. Astronomy, the science that has studied the universe and celestial bodies or stars for millennia, was born with this intention. From this point, astronomical observatories, created by research, training and dissemination in the astronomical field, emerged.

In Catalonia we find a wide range of astronomical observatories spread across the territory, some of them, located in places that enjoy exceptional astronomical observation conditions, or what is the same, areas accredited with the Starlight seal, endorsed by UNESCO and which measures, among other parameters, the transparency of the sky, its luminosity and the so-called "seeing", that is, the distorting effect of the atmosphere on the images of objects.

We also have a wide range of astronomical observation points, places that have the best conditions to admire the sky.

Route astronomical observatories of Catalonia

To look at the sky has never been boring, there is not a single day that we find the clouds in the same position, we observe clearly all the stars or the moon shines…


Observatori de Pujalt


The Pujalt Observatory is more than a meteorological observatory, it is also…

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Càmping Bassegoda Park


Enjoy the sky and the stars in a 1st category family campsite…

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Centre Astronòmic del Pedraforca


In the Pedraforca Astronomical Center you will have the whole universe... to…

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Night of astronomical observation in Montclar


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Outdoor science with Laia Casamiquela in Saldes


Talk "The Life and Death of the stars", by Dr. Laia Casamiquela, postdoctoral researcher at the GEPI ( Paris Observatory, Meudon). Stars are the basic objects that…

Science in the open air with Ignasi Perez in Saldes


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Concert at the Pujalt Observatory


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Itinera Festival in Saldes, Concert "Full Moon Gospel"


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Observation of stars and stars in Artesa de Segre

Artesa de Segre

Artesa de Segre organizes an astronomical observation of stars and stars. To participate, prior registration is required by calling 661224195 or emailing info@seroespaitransmissor.cat.…

Science in the open air with Núria Miret in Saldes


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Astronomical night at the Cement Museum of Castellar de n'Hug

Castellar de n'Hug

An experience of discovery of the Cosmos in three parts, where science and mythology go hand in hand in a unique heritage setting. First, the digital planetarium,…


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28/03/2023 - 31/03/2023 ...

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