Province: Barcelona | Shire: Bages | Inhabitants: 6.359 | Extension: 23,6 Km2 | Altitude: 326 m

Suria is a municipality in the district of Bages including a single aggregate, the Fusteret. It is located about 15 miles from Manresa and maintains a medieval appearance with its narrow streets, arches and porches.

Suria has historically lived in the vineyard, but with the presence of phylloxera went away and began to approach the new industry in the country introduced relatively recently: the textile industry. Despite this, in the early twentieth century Suria also had lived for many years in the extraction of deposits of potash salts reach Manresa made ??with a special train.

In Suria find various cultural attractions and historical, among which we highlight the Serrat of Portell of Llop, the hermitage of Sant Salvador de Suria, the castle, Roser Church, the church of Santa Maria de Cererols.

As festivities in Suria found the Medieval Fair, held the first day of November, where we can remember and revive ancient crafts activity in the streets of the town and for many, many years. To leave everything ready to settle workshops, especially children, can learn how to perform certain tasks in the trades, we can find the leather shop, the binding, the game, that of chancas or medieval game.

Of all the holidays of the people of Suria also highlights the festival, which is held during the first two weeks of July and the Caramelles party, held by Pasqua, and half thousand welcomes people of all ages and organized into approximately 10 groups, and are accompanied by trabucaires. This party stands Suria as a major world populations caramellaire, being present for more than 400 years.

What to do

Teatre Kursaal

Manresa (a 10.7 Km)

Performing arts space Manresa, you can enjoy all tipus of shows.

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Pessebre Vivent Pont Llarg

Manresa (a 11.8 Km)

Every December 26, Manresa is transformed into a town in the Galilee…

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La Clau Room Escape

Manresa (a 13.4 Km)

Find a group of 2 to 6 people and enjoy for 1…

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Granja Natura (Centre d'Apropament a la Natura)

Navàs (a 10 Km)

Ideal for families! Offers children and adults the opportunity to discover, touch,…

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Where to eat

Restaurant Marisquer Can Ladis

Sant Fruitós de Bages (a 13.7 Km)

The commitment of an entire family since 1988 working for our customers,…

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Apart Hotel Restaurant Cal Marçal

Puig-reig (a 13.1 Km)

Small apart hotel located in the Lower Berguedà also has bar and…

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Restaurant 4 Esquinas (Cal Tino)

El Pont de Vilomara i Rocafort (a 17.9 Km)

Ideal to enjoy the best of the cuisine, where quality, value and…

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Bar Restaurant Xato

Gironella (a 24.6 Km)

Place your order for pizzas, hamburgers, tapas... at the Xato Bar-Restaurant and…

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Where to sleep

Escardívol turisme rural

Viver i Serrateix (a 14.6 Km)

Three houses restored for rural output. The common denominator in all of…

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Espai Rural Palà de Coma

Cardona (a 13 Km)

Enjoy a place full of magic and its own essence where you…

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Les Corts de Biosca

Sant Mateu de Bages (a 13 Km)

Agrotourism equipped, comfortable and with splendid views one hour from Barcelona. Heating…

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Hostal del Buc

Castellnou de Bages (a 6.9 Km)

"Hostal de Castellnou" a small rural pension with 5 double rooms, where…

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The enigma of the Monastery Jewels

10/06/2023 ...

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'Espurnes Barroques Festival'

10/06/2023 - 11/06/2023 ...

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