Festival of Els Prats de Rei

10/08/2018 - 16/08/2018

The Mayor Festival of Prados is possibly the most important festive asset of the year in this fantastic village of Anoia.

The main festival is the collective heritage of the people and tries to integrate all ages and sensibilities.

August 15 is the main day of the party, but both before and after, all kinds of festive and cultural events are held in the old town, especially in the main square.

The official feature of the beginning of the party, is the Proclamation by a relevant personality in the main square, in front of the town hall.

Another important act of the party is the parade, the giants and grallers of the town, accompanied by the giants of the surrounding villages perform a parade throughout the city, through all the streets of the old town and ending with the final and main dance of the party, in the main square.

Where to sleep

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La Rectoria Vella

Sant Martí Sesgueioles (a 8 Km)

Independent, stone house (seventeenth century) completely restored, located within the village core…

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Molí Blanc Hotel

Jorba (a 13.7 Km)

Old paper mill dating from 1750, built on the banks of the…

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Masia Cal Mestre

Sant Martí de Tous (a 14.8 Km)

Masia Cal Mestre is an 18th century house completely renovated, in Central…

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Hotel Monegal

Sant Llorenç de Morunys (a 17 Km)

The Monegals is a small, simple hotel, you want to show the…

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Vilar Rural de Cardona

Cardona (a 24.2 Km)

Set on a hill overlooking the Valle del Cardener front of the…

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El Portal Blau

Cardona (a 25.7 Km)

Blau Portal is an open space located in the historic center of…

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Apartaments La Fonda

Cardona (a 26 Km)

Located in the medieval town of Cardona, known for its salt mines,…

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Hotel Bremon

Cardona (a 25.7 Km)

Serenity and hospitality are hidden behind its ancient walls, which stop the…

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Where to eat

Hostal de Pinós

Pinós (a 13.4 Km)

The Hostal de Pinos is located at the geographic center of Catalonia…

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Restaurant Marisquer Can Ladis

Sant Fruitós de Bages (a 28 Km)

The commitment of an entire family since 1988 working for our customers,…

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Restaurant 4 Esquinas (Cal Tino)

El Pont de Vilomara i Rocafort (a 27.3 Km)

Ideal to enjoy the best of the cuisine, where quality, value and…

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What to do

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Barcelona és molt més

Discovers that Barcelona is much more! Near Barcelona have a world of…

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Memorial de l'Exèrcit popular

Pujalt (a 10.2 Km)

The Popular Army Memorial Pujalt invites you to know the history of…

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Runaway Escape Room Igualada

Igualada (a 15.6 Km)

Immerse yourself in a historical era of knights, castles and battles. It…

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Anoia Turisme

(a 15.6 Km)

L'Anoia is one of the 41 regions in which Catalonia is divided.…

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El Trill, Associació cultural del terme d’Argençola

Argençola (a 14.6 Km)

It is an association formed by residents of Argençola (Anoia), which includes…

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Pessebre Vivent de Les Torres de Fals

Fonollosa (a 16.6 Km)

The visit to Bethlehem closed between pastors, offering a reminder of Fals,…

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Ecorail del Cardener

Callús (a 21.9 Km)

Discover the Pla de Bages! Come to pedal on the train tracks…

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Parc de la Sèquia

Manresa (a 24.2 Km)

The Parque de la Sèquia is the institution that manages the spaces…

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