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Aeròdrom G.ral Vives s/n - Hangar Kontiki Òdena

Created in 1988 at a time of inspiration during an expedition in Africa, Globus Kon-tiki has been evolving and growing since then until now.

Having touched virtually all types of adventure sports, Globus Kon-tiki has specialized in offering all kinds of services and competitions with hot air balloons.

Human team

Meet the components of the Kon-Tiki team. Certified pilots and expert drivers but above all wanting to have fun with you.

Our Kon-Toki base

Kon-Tiki is the first and only balloon company with an infrastructure of these characteristics, we hope to give you the best service.

Flight safety

Balloon flight is a very safe activity but we must keep in mind that we are flying and that therefore we depend on a device, a pilot and some


Both the Miquel Mesegué and the Angel Aguirre founders of Kon-Tiki come from the INEF, and therefore from the world of sport and competition.


Kon-Tiki emerges in the middle of a climbing expedition in Africa. From the beginning, we have always been accompanied by adventure, travel and balloon expeditions around the world.

Kon-Tiki balloons

Discover some of Globus Kon-Tiki's historic globe, a nostalgic look at the most iconic balloons.

We love to fly in a balloon, we have made profession of our hobby. We are proud of what they recognize us and what we are capable of doing around ballooning.

Catalonia is our territory, our main headquarters and from where we operate the most important balloon flights. Very close to Barcelona, Lleida and Girona.

Dare to live the adventure of traveling in a balloon in the area of Catalonia that you want. You can fly throughout the year, each era has its own particular charm.

Assembling and inflating the balloon, you will receive your welcome pack and participate in the preparation of the balloon.

We will fly for about an hour and a quarter with gentle changes in height controlled by the pilot, letting ourselves be carried away by the breezes that will mark the route of the globe.

The 4x4 Kon-Tiki will come to us to find the landing field and take us back to the starting point where we will toast with cava and receive the certificate and photos of the flight.

Optional extra: Payés restaurant breakfast + toast with champagne.

Discover the flight zones:

Montserrat de Igualada- Anoia

Origins Geopark - Tremp County

Costa Brava- Alt Empordà

Pyrenees La Seu D'Urgell

Lleida city


Urgell plan

Crossing of Montsec and Montrebei

Eastern Pyrenees Crossing

Great Cruise West Pyrenees

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