School Activity: MTB circuit, visit to the farm and traditional games

Rutatur. Santa Maria de Palautordera
Price: 16 €

Come enjoy a morning full of activities!

One of the activities begins with a brief explanation of the bicycle and its basic characteristics, such as some concept of road safety education. It is about doing a simple circuit with some slopes, turns and slaloms, to test the concepts learned, the bicycle driving skills, and learn first-hand how to avoid obstacles to feel comfortable and safe on the bicycle pedals. our bicycle in a natural environment. At the end of the circuit we will share the bicycle experience.

In another activity we will discover how the different animals live on a family farm by taking a tour of its facilities that will bring us closer to the cows, rabbits, chickens and sheep among others, to get to know them more closely, giving them food and where we will find out more of them.

And finally, we will find another activity where we will have the opportunity to learn by playing about the fauna and vegetation of the Baix Montseny and Montnegre Corredor area through traditional recreational-educational games.

The activity is suitable for Primary Education (2nd and 3rd cycle).

Ideal exit for the subject of Knowledge of the Natural Environment.

We will wait for you!


La Rutatur

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