The Civil War, exile and repression in Catalonia

The Civil War, exile and repression in Catalonia

The military coup d'état of July 17, 1936 gave way to three years of bloody civil war in Spain. Catalonia remains faithful to the Republic and, at the same time, lives a revolutionary process driven by anarchist militias. The Generalitat organizes the resistance and the war effort, and suffers the internal confrontations of the different mobilized political and union forces. During the same period, Catalonia receives the influx of thousands of refugees and displaced persons, considered one of the largest movements of people in times of armed conflict in the twentieth century.

The Catalan civilian population is hit by the penalties of the conflict: the rise in prices, hunger and bombing. Finally, on November 16, 1938 the defeat in the battle of the Ebro, marks the fate of the Republican side and represents the fall of Catalonia. The end of the war and the beginning of General Franco's military dictatorship, entails the suppression of Catalan autonomy, exile and a strong repression of the Catalan and leftist movements.

This bloody episode of the recent history of our country is remembered and remembered through hundreds of resources, exhibitions, museums, routes and interpretation centers that help recover the historical memory of the Civil War, exile and Franco's repression in Catalonia.

The air raid shelters in Barcelona

Now that is so fashionable debate about historical memory in Spain, is a good time to remember the Civil War and its impact on Barcelona. From we…

Cerdanya roads of the bunkers Talló Martinet and Montellà

Amid the imposing Pyrenees step opens the Cerdanya, a singular plain between mountains. The region is one of the places with more favorable to cross the Pyrenees…

Seeking Freedom on the roads of the Pyrenees

With the route of this month from Femturisme we invite you to visit one of the paths followed by those Republicans who passed through the Pyrenees to flee to France…

Route through the republican airfield of Bordils

The Bordils Airfield is a visitable space built at the end of 1936, considered one of the most important military airfields of the Republican Army in Catalonia…

Route of the Sierra de Bellmunt Almenara

It is a circular route that crosses the Sierra de Bellmunt Almenara, signposted along its entire route with the sky blue color. Along the route we will find explanatory…

The exile in the Jonquera, the route of the republicans towards…

The Civil War, that lasted from 1936 to 1939, meant the confrontation between the supporters and the opposers to the democratic government of the Republic. The…

Route of the Peace: The Battle of the Ebro

Since 1981 is celebrated every September 21 the International Day of Peace proclaimed by the United Nations. This day marked calendars universally in all the world…

Masías and Refugees in the Ametlla del Vallès

This tour is a walk through the most important farmhouses and the history of agriculture in the Ametlla del Vallès, the economic activity that has transformed…

Isona: the reconstruction of a town between two fronts

One of the bloodiest episodes in the recent history of Catalonia has been the Spanish Civil War. Many Catalan towns were scenes and witnesses of confrontations…

Cassà de la Selva route under the bombs

On Sunday, January 29, 1939, at 1:30 p.m., five Savoia Marchetti SM-79 bombers from Italian fascist aviation and led by Captain Costa Egidio were bombing the town…

Ruta Salamina Soldiers

In 2001 the novel Soldiers of Salamis by Javier Cercas written was published. It is about different episodes of the Spanish Civil War who lived in the last days…

CIARGA route to Cal Bruna torrent

We propose a route through CIARGA and the Serral refuge, with a wine-growing landscape and the riverside forest.

Barcelona 1939. The dark night in Barcelona

The January 26, 1939 about 90,000 soldiers of Franco's army entered Barcelona and occupied the city, exhausted and defeated after three years of war, with the explicit…

Hemingway in Tortosa

Ernest Hemingway was an American novelist who won the Pulitzer Prize and the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1954. Throughout his life he had different contacts with…

The Vesper La Gloriosa

The Penedès became, during the Civil War, in the center of operations of republican aviation, Gloriosa, as settled in this territory four airfields when…

Berga during the Civil War

Berga like many other towns in the Central Catalonia were far from the front for a long time and, despite the formation of committees and militias, suffered no…


Centre d'interpretació de l'aviació republicana i guerra aèria

Santa Margarida i els Monjos

The CIARGA (Interpretation Center for Republican Aviation and the Air War) is…

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Parc dels Búnquers de Martinet i Montellà

Montellà i Martinet

The memory space and Interpretation Center of the Park of the Bunkers…

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Viaje a la Barcelona Secreta


Through the routes we reinforce the value of the heritage that we…

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Centre d'Estudis de la Batalla de l'Ebre


The Center for Studies is a permanent exhibition of the Battle of…

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Memorial de l'Exèrcit popular


The Popular Army Memorial Pujalt invites you to know the history of…

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