Museu Castell de Rubí Rubí

The purpose of the Castell Municipal Museum (MMUC) is to expose and disseminate the history of the city as a collective heritage, preserve and disseminate the objects on display and, finally, strengthen the identification of citizens with their local history.

In compliance with its purposes as a municipal museum, its main functions are the following:

  • Host and preserve objects related to the local history of the territory.
  • Promote and organize activities to disseminate and promote the history of Rubí and actively contribute to its research and dissemination.
  • Constitute a stable space for intercultural relations in which the various historical, cultural and social realities of the city are represented.

Municipal Exhibition Spaces

The MMUC has several sub-offices in the city:

  • Old Station Exhibition Space
  • Cultural Hall Exhibition Space


The Castell Municipal Museum (MMUC) wants to be an open space for learning where students of all educational levels feel history, find the place they occupy, and discover the future of the events that have come to shape our current situation. From the MMUC, education is conceived as a backbone that articulates the role of the museum in relation to the communities, especially the educational community and Rubí. From the smallest to the oldest will be able to experience and live the events of the past!

From the educational service we propose another way of teaching history, through direct experience and an empathic approach based on the events of the past and the inhabitants who have passed through our territory, adapting to their needs. Our activities are conducted by specialized educators, connoisseurs of history and didactics, experts in transmitting knowledge in a fun and close way.


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