Via ferrata rock of the creu - Ribes de freser

Via Ferrata of the Roca de la Creu, Ribes de Freser!

Discover an exciting vertical adventure in the eastern Catalan Pyrenees mountain range with the Roca de la Creu via ferrata in Ribes de Freser. This via ferrata offers a unique experience that combines climbing with contemplation of the impressive views of the Ribes valley.

The Roca de la Creu via ferrata in Ribes de Freser is a unique adventure experience that will allow you to explore the heights of the Catalan Pyrenees while putting your climbing skills to the test. Whether you are an experienced climber or a novice looking for new challenges, this via ferrata will surprise you with its natural beauty and exciting challenges.

Difficulty level: Easy, ideal for families, or for anyone who wants an easy via ferrata activity.

  1. Elevated Landscape: The Roca de la Creu via ferrata will take you through vertical and horizontal sections, offering spectacular panoramic views of the valley and the peaks of the eastern Pyrenees. From its heights, you can contemplate the natural beauty of the Ripollès region.

  2. Varied Challenges: With vertical sections, horizontal sections and aerial walkways, this via ferrata provides a suitable challenge for climbers with different levels of experience. Tibetan bridges and horizontal pools will add excitement and fun to your adventure.

  3. Safety: Equipped with iron anchors and safety cables, this via ferrata offers a safe experience for all participants. Ferratists are insured at all times, guaranteeing climbing practice without unnecessary risks.

  4. Natural Environment: In addition to the excitement of climbing, ferratists can enjoy the exuberant nature of the area, with pine and oak forests that surround the route. It is a perfect opportunity to connect with nature while improving yourself.

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