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Who we are and what we do?

Arania Guides is a small adventure sports company specialized in canyoning, via ferrata, snowshoe routes, orienteering and much more.

Come and enjoy a unique experience with us and discover a thousand new sensations.

Canyoning, mountaineering, via ferrata...

Josep has always thought that the mountain is a place to find oneself, a place to improve oneself or even discover the essence of our humanity, in short, a sanctuary of peace and harmony, where you can push your physique to the limit and experience indescribable sensations..

He has climbed some of the highest mountains in Europe and Morocco: Montblanc, Montblanc de Tacul, Montmauidit, Cervino, Monte Rosa, Raso, Timesguida, Tobkal, among others...

He has also done some of the most committed descents on the planet, such as the great and mythical Trou de Fer on Reunion Island or the Mega in Madeira, among many others...

He has climbed some great walls such as the Cavall Bernat, the north face of Vignamale, the Pedraforca estasen, the gat, the great Diedro, Dolomites...

Now he tries to live a dream trying to work from his passion and what makes him smile and live each day to the fullest, mountain and canyon guide.

He hopes and wishes to be able to make you live as intensely and with the same passion as him, this whole world of adventures... but above all, of personal improvement.

It can assure you that you will experience the mountains in a unique and extraordinary way.

In Catalonia and throughout the Pyrenees and Pre-Pyrenees, it offers you the possibility of doing the best canyoning and the best via ferratas of the moment.

It organizes excursions and itineraries adjusted to everyone's capacity and can be attended individually or in groups. It also adjusts the activities to your level and physical form, whether to start practicing any activity or to acquire a more perfected technique.

Personal treatment, quality and the relationship between people is its philosophy so that you enjoy a great experience.


Here you will find all the adventure activities, the best canyoning or canyoning in Catalonia, the best via ferratas, snowshoe routes, orientation courses, training in canyoning or via ferratas.

Canyoning in Catalonia, via ferrata, snowshoe route and much more!

What do you feel like doing today?

It's summer?

Well, without a doubt, the star activity is canyoning, come and discover the best canyons in Catalonia, we have to offer you all the canyons in Catalonia.

They do canyoning throughout Catalonia, canyoning in Girona, canyoning in Barcelona, canyoning in Lleida or canyoning in Tarragona, you choose the area and the canyon, we will do the rest.

Enjoy nature in a different way, jumps, slides, rappelling... you will undoubtedly feel like you are in a water park in the mountains. Some of the best canyoning in Catalonia are:

The Núria Ravine, located in Queralbs, Vall de Núria, an incredible place, without a doubt the best ravine in Catalonia.

Bóixols hole ravine, located in Bóixols ( Abella de la Conca ), Alt Urgell   Ideal for everyone, both adults and children.

Hell's Ravine, located in Sort, Pallars Sobirà, discover one of the most famous ravines in Catalonia

Barranco del Glorieta, Tarragona, Alcover, you will have the feeling of being in Costa Rica.

Barranco del viu de Llevata, Alta Ribagorça, El Pont de Suert, one of the most complete and fun ravines.

And for the little ones they have aquatic trekking, it consists of descending canyons adapted for the little ones or for people who want an easy and calm initiation ravine without complications, jumps, jumps and more jumps we will do a tour made for them and We will enjoy an incredible day.

Of course the via ferratas in Catalonia can be done all year round.

It is winter?

Well, your best option is a snowshoe route through the Cabeceras del Ter y Freser Natural Park, located in the province of Girona, Catalonia, in the Ripollès region, next to the Vallter2000 station, they have snowshoe routes. snow of all levels, both for adults and families.

Another option is one of the best via ferratas in Catalonia, the via ferratas can be done all year round, they have a wide range of possibilities, the Sant Feliu de Guíxols - Cala Molí via ferrata , the - Centelles Baumes corroded via ferrata, via ferrata of the Teletubbies in Corçà , via ferrata of the Veins of Rojalons or the via ferrata of Patacons in Tarragona or the via ferrata of the Roca de la Cruz in Ribes de Freser , via ferrata of the Sierra de las Canales in Oliana.. They are some of the best via ferratas in Catalonia.

Are you a canyoning lover and you can't do it in winter? They have winter or dry ravines to be able to enjoy this sport even in winter, dry or winter ravines can be done all year round although the best time is in winter, since they are dry ravines that will allow us to rappel without water, perfect our technique or Let's get started for the summer and enjoy the aquatic ravines with better safety.

Don't hesitate, look for the activity that you like the most and come and feel nature in its purest form.


Via ferrata rock of the creu - Ribes de freser

Guies Arania - Guies de muntanya i barrancs Balenyà

35 €

Via ferrata of Centelles - Baumes carcomidas

Guies Arania - Guies de muntanya i barrancs Balenyà

40 €

Lower Freser Ravine - Queralbs - Vall de Núria

Guies Arania - Guies de muntanya i barrancs Balenyà

50 €

Lower Núria Ravine - Queralbs - Vall de Núria

Guies Arania - Guies de muntanya i barrancs Balenyà

50 €

Via ferrata from Sant Feliu de Guíxols - Cala Molí

Guies Arania - Guies de muntanya i barrancs Balenyà

40 €


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