Province: Tarragona | Shire: Alt Camp | Inhabitants: 5.143 | Extension: 46,0 Km2 | Altitude: 243 m

Alcover Township is located in the Alt Camp, in the province of Tarragona. The township is located between the Prades Mountains to the north and the Camp de Tarragona on the south, the limit of the Baix Camp and Tarragona, Glorieta River, a tributary of the River Francolí crosses part of the municipality. This interlocking privileged Alcover a municipality makes a valuable natural environment.

It appears that the origin of the name Alcover comes from the Arabic word al-kubeier which means "great", but there are other theories that indicate a pre-Roman word as the origin of the name. The first documented reference to the villa is from 1059 where it appears with the name of Santa Maria d'Alcover. The birth of a municipality is Alcover 1166 when King Alfonso II of Aragon and I of Catalonia was granted a town charter (Charter d'Acapte).

In the town of Alcover find Roman ruins and Muslims, although the most significant displays of architecture is medieval, i find streets, towers, houses and fragments of its walls and doors.

The Old Church or Church of the Holy Blood is the twelfth century and of Romanesque style. It is built in red stone and is popularly known by the name of the mosque. It was destroyed during the Civil War and today you can see many of their remains (apse, rosette, pilasters ...) turned into a beautiful garden.

The church of San Miguel, located next to the cemetery, is the twelfth century, but was renovated in the fifteenth century and therefore find clear examples of Gothic.

Fruit of the demographic development in Alcover tube place during the sixteenth century we find many Renaissance buildings, a sample program for the Casa de la Villa built in the year 1591 by Joan Muntaner. Inside you will find many works of value. Other buildings are ca Cosme Renaissance or the Abbey.

Outside Alcover include other points of interest, such as Baroque chapels Remei and Virtuts them or the convent of Santa Ana, founded in 1582. As an example of the civil architecture of the Moors Bridge, which crosses the river Glorieta and is of medieval origin.

Scattered within the city you can find villages with a long history, as the Mont-Ravà over that existed the year 1163. We also find numerous paper mills of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, as during this period the paper industry was a major source of income for Alcover.

Samples of all this past Alcover can find represented in the Municipal Museum of Alcover (MMAL), where we take a tour to throughout its history.

The town of Alcover is related to the Cistercian since this route, plus the counties of Urgell and the Conca de Barbera, covering the region of Alt Camp.

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