Centre d'Estudis de la Batalla de l'Ebre Gandesa

Avinguda de Catalunya, 3, 43780 Gandesa
Contact cebe@gandesa.cat

The Center for Studies is a permanent exhibition of the Battle of the Ebro, created in Gandesa, the epicenter of a battle that will take 115 days and leave 100,000 casualties. The exhibition is located in the building of the old Public Schools, a building that was converted into Blood Hospital in the length of the battle.

The CEBE was born on the initiative of a group of scholars and collectors from Gandesa interested in history, the recovery of documentary, war and cultural material from the period between July and November 1938.

The aim of the Center for Studies is to enhance the knowledge of a part of the history of our country from a visit to the permanent exhibition, as well as to protect this legacy to make it known in a suitable way to the different segments of The population of our society (schoolchildren, young people, the elderly, etc.)

What is really intended with this exhibition and the different actions that are carried out, such as guided visits by the Spaces of Memory, is to give a message of Peace and Concord between peoples and all men. But above all, with the wish that it does not return to become anything like... never again...!

The actions carried out are:

Hiking, landscape and Battle of the Ebro

A route of an expected duration of between two hours of adaptive difficulty where you can visit some of the most famous places and heights in the mountain ranges of Cavalls and Pandols, as you enjoy and learn to know and interpret the nature and the peisatge de The Terra Alta. Includes entrance to CEBE.

Route by vehicle through the spaces of the Battle of the Ebro

A tour with a vehicle of two hours approximated by the spaces that are in the municipal area of ​​Gandesa and surroundings to know the facts related to the battle and to enjoy the nature and the landscape.

Visits are made under reservation


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