Celler L'Olivera Vallbona de les Monges Vallbona de les Monges

Camí de Serradells, s/n Vallbona de les Monges
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When you approach Vallbona, it seems as if the town is hidden among ridges, small valleys and monastic silence. Here the story is told by the dry stone walls that draw terraces in the high landscape of a hill. Above one of these hills, he spies La Olivera's winery, which for 40 years has been working to break the silence of the weakest, making a stubborn project grow to produce organic wines and oils and collectively, giving work to people with difficulties. The silence breaks a wind that comes from far, the marinade, which accompanies the summer nights and caresses the grapes from which our wines come. Some wines that we invite you to know, try and walk. Because in each glass of wine we bottle a piece of landscape from the Valley of the Corb. This valley that invites to walk, enjoy, try.

The cellar

This visit is a tour of the facilities of the La Olivera winery. It allows to know closely the history of the cooperative and the process of making the wines. The visit includes: tasting of 3 wines and oils. Duration: 90 minutes / Shifts: At 10:30 or at 12:00 / Minimum: 2 people. Groups: from 10 people special discounts - Children free

Breakfast in the Missenyora cartoon

Let the time stop, relax and come and discover the surroundings of the Corb River Valleys, savoring a breakfast with local products paired with the wines and olive oil from La Olivera. Optionally, there is the possibility to complete the visit to the winery and learn about the wine making process. Duration: 150 minutes / Shifts: At 10:30 am / Minimum: 4 people - Groups: from 10 people special discounts.

The oil mill

During the months of harvesting the olive, there is the possibility of visiting the small oil mill of La Olivera (a type of mill known as "micro-mill"). Optionally, there is the possibility to complete the visit to the winery and learn about the wine making process. Duration: 150 minutes / Shifts: at 10:30 am (Only during the harvest season of olives) / Minimum: 2 people - Groups: from 10 people special discounts.

Visit of grape pickers

During the harvest months, we open the doors of the winery to experience in first person the intense activity that is lived by these dates. Duration: 150 minutes / Shifts: Saturday at 10:30 am only during the harvest. / Minimun 2 persons


The Tastavinyes is an invitation to walk around the vineyard tasting the wines of La Olivera. An autonomous walk, without haste and without a guide, in which each one decides the time he wants to spend, letting his feet guide him between vines to discover, at his own pace, the secrets of the vineyard, the wine and our winery. The visit includes: Map, glass and cup holder. Tasting of 4 wines and oil tasting. Duration: 180 minutes / Shifts: At 11 am during the months of March to October / Minimum: 2 people


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