Espai museístic del Cinema - Col·lecció Josep Maria Queraltó Vallbona de les Monges

Carrer de Prat de la Riba Vallbona de les Monges

This is the first space dedicated to the seventh art in the province of Lleida. Curiously, its location is located in the building that formerly housed the municipal cinema/theater with a particular modernist architecture and which is today called the "Resource Center".

The space pays tribute to Queraltó 's career, dedicated almost exclusively to the cinematographic world, but also to his most personal side and his beginnings, to remember his origins in Vallbona as a cinema operator and repairing radio sets and other household appliances. This led him to manufacture his own radio sets and take orders and, already in Barcelona, to the manufacture of cinematographic equipment. For this reason, he has been able to be in contact with companies and entities related to cinematography and gather a collection of more than 20,000 pieces in more than 35 years.

And in Vallbona there is a small sample of all of them: some of them are original, curious and unpublished pieces, highlighting magic lanterns, Chinese and French shadows, projectors, cameras, toys or film cameras, among many others.

Thus, you can see a small sample of the history of cinematography and pre-cinema, being the first seed as a showcase to show the technique of cinema in Catalonia with the aim of preserving, conserving and making known material of great historical value..

An interactive, pedagogical museum as an instrument to learn about the source of the magic of cinema, where children and adults can enjoy as spectators the illusions that surround the world of photography and cinema.

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