Vinya els Vilars Arbeca

Camí Puig-Grós Arbeca

Antonio and María José are waiting for you to explain how we work to make our dream come true: a small wine farm, whose production does not exceed 20,000 bottles, where there is, in addition to secrecy, continued effort, respect for the land and a great esteem for the product made.

We want to share experiences and sensations with you: in the vineyard, in the winery, around us.

We invite you to try and judge our wines, there is no one better than you to say whether or not it is worth opening one of our bottles.

Our environment, like the winery, exudes naturalness and simplicity. If you let yourself get lost in our region you will find people rooted in the land and a Garriguense landscape with vineyards, olive trees and cereals as the main protagonists.

The winery

At Vinya els Vilars we put all our enthusiasm into making quality wines. Therefore, the work begins with the careful treatment of the vineyards, the manual harvest and the subsequent production of the wine. The winery has modern facilities equipped with the latest wine technology and where we take care of all the monitoring of the process.

The origins

The Vinya els Vilars winery owes its name to the archaeological remains of the Iberian fortress of Els Vilars, next to Arbeca. These remains, dated to 775 BC, are the most important and best preserved Iberian vestige in all of Catalonia.

At Vinya els Vilars we know how to appreciate the difficulty of working the land and waiting for it to bear fruit and that is why we are grateful for its generosity and we pay tribute to it by loving and respecting it.


Premium visit and tasting at Vinya els Vilars

Vinya els Vilars Arbeca

20 €


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