Celler Ferrer Bobet Falset

Carretera de Falset a Porrera km 6,5 Falset
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The vines

Currently, in Ferrer Bobet, used almost exclusively centennial vines Carignan and Grenache Noir from the best vineyards of Priorat.

Still, working in their own vineyards come into production in a few years. These vineyards are located in one of the cooler areas with more elevation and slope of the region, factors which guarantee optimum phenolic maturity and that also help to preserve the flavors and acidity.

Note that they have a large area, particularly seventy acres, which they have planted only twenty, with a firm commitment not to plant more. This shows the respect they have for their region, and the fact of not using insecticides, fungicides or herbicides of any kind.

The Winery

Remarkable is the architecture of the winery, as they call themselves a boat stuck between vineyards.

A volume dipped significantly, accommodates the winemaking spaces and technical facilities. Only the upper enclosure, where they have access spaces, bottling and shipping, as well as the visiting area, is present on the mountainous horizon.


Ferrer Bobet The winery is located at km. 6.5 of the narrow, winding road that joins T-740 Falset, capital of the region of Priorat, and Porrera. They note that the views are particularly nice going from Falset.


De Septembre à mi-octobre les visites ne sont pas faites parce que c'est la période de récolte. Contactez la cave pour fixer la date.


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