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It is time to plan vacations, to choose destinations and accommodation, and to choose the activities that we will do to regain energy and be able to return to work with more vitality. After a harsh winter and still with a pandemic season, nature tourism, away from the beaches and the crowds of tourists, is a good option. Spending vacations in nature, in summer is an ideal way to return to our origins, to relax by connecting with our essence. Furthermore, ecotourism has several advantages; It is outdoors, allows a safe distance between people and circulation of fresh and pure air. It requires less specific equipment than beach or sports tourism, you can wear the usual and comfortable clothing, and finally, it promotes a model of proximity tourism, and more sustainable with the environment. So, to make it possible, we recommend Ànima de Natura.

Ànima de Natura

Ànima de Natura is an organization of professionals that offers experiences and training in nature to improve health, well-being, self-realization and personal growth. Not only does she offer a specific natural therapy, but she learns from nature as a mentor. In short, it guides and accompanies people to achieve a connection with the nature that we are and that surrounds us, strengthening our health by practicing sustainable tourism.

Healthy experiences in nature, and with nature as a teacher.

The experiences are individual or group activities that are carried out in nature as a physical environment, and taking into account this nature as learning to improve our health and inner well-being. Many scientific studies show that natural experiences allow us to strengthen our immune system, lower the heart rate, and increase the number of stem cells in our body, among many other benefits to improve our health and well-being.

Health & Wellness

Most of the scientific studies where the advantages of nature for our health are demonstrated have been done through forest baths, which is part of the line of experiences of nature baths, within which you can do sea baths, baths of mountain or freshwater baths, not literally but what is sought is your inner or spiritual connection with the ecosystem. That is, you improve your well-being and your spiritual health through them.

Spiritual maintenance

In addition, they also organize experiences to do spiritual maintenance, just like we go to the gym to improve our body on a physical level, we have to work our interior, that is, give ourselves time to improve our spiritual health. This is provided by all the rituals based on Celtic culture that are done throughout a calendar year in the line of Rhythm of the Earth experiences.

Personal growth

Likewise, they guide and accompany individual people to improve skills or abilities regarding their personal development, that is, to improve their personal growth towards their best version of themselves, through different sessions over time, duration that depends solely from the participant process. Likewise, the psychonaturalist guide and accompaniment gives individual sessions to people who need psychological treatment, who are looking for a personal or professional change in their lives, who have lost their job and cannot find it, or people with anguish, depression or other illnesses, such as fibromyalgia, pathologies where it is proven that nature heals and improves diagnosis.

If you are a small group of people, or a family and at the same time you don't know if you need a guide by yourself, you can try an introductory experience called Ànima de Natura baptism.

Teambulding / Teamwork

The work teams that did activities in nature want to get to know each other better outside the work environment to better coalesce and work as a team in a more coordinated and happy way as a result of these playful experiences, where teambuilding is done by objectives, through a scape room or an orientation career in nature. These experiences are carried out during the week, within working hours to adapt to the workers' schedules.

Rest and relaxation

To carry out this purpose, within the experiences of Ànima de Natura we find the line of Zen experiences, through which they make us lower revolutions in our day to day, and find peace, tranquility and inner connection. We can achieve this through a full moon meditation, a contemplative practice or a conscious hiking route depends on the time we have.

Education and families

To carry out a better well-being, discovery of our environment and all its values and meanings, of our children, they provide them with a gymkhana called "the 7 mysteries of nature".

Likewise, if you are an educational center, or a family, you can request a personalized experience to your needs. Can you imagine it? They make you a tailor-made experience for your family reunion, or in your course and level of your school or institute to better know the values and meanings that nature offers us.

Confucius already said it "They told me about it and I forgot it, I saw it and I understood it, I did it and I learned it." We must bear in mind that we protect what we learn to love, and Ànima de Natura teaches us to love nature and to take care of it as our home that it is.


They have scheduled retreats of 2, 3, 4 or 5 days depending on the time of year or season to do an immersion and personal work continuously, and with an overnight stay included. Each of the scheduled retreats usually work on different aspects of your personal process, self-realization, meditation, yoga, life purpose, stress, connection with your interior, life cycles among others, depending on the time and your inner needs in the personal moment. or professional through which you walk in spaces chosen and cared for with love and delicacy.


In addition, they carry out training through specialized experts, self- sustainability training around sustainability to live more sustainably with our environment and life, and training where they give us tools to learn from nature, and to live in balance with nature called Nature Mentor training..

Experiences throughout Catalonia

If it is true that at present, most of the experiences are located in central Catalonia, the Guilleries and Osona, they carry out experiences throughout Catalonia, from the sea to the mountains, passing through the plains, or rivers and freshwater pools.. Now, if there is no proposed activity where you are, you just have to contact Ànima de Natura, as well as for any other questions or proposals.

So, if you want to have a good time learning, enjoying and doing health with your family or friends and live a memorable experience in nature, in one of their experiences created by Ànima de Natura you will find what you are looking for.


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