Museu de la Pagesia de Fogars de la Selva Fogars de la Selva

Plaça Serra de Marina, s/n Fogars de la Selva

The Museum of the Pagesia de Fogars de la Selva wants us to relive past times and make known to the visitor the agricultural past that reigned in these lands and throughout Catalonia, from the tenth to the nineteenth century.

The mechanization of the countryside and the appearance of the factories meant that, little by little, the people of the countryside were marching towards the cities. In a fairly short period of time, machines and new technologies have changed life in the countryside a lot and, on the other hand, have caused the disconnection between the agricultural world and the city.

The Museum of the Pagesia wants to re-establish this link between the countryside and the more urbanized areas. That is why he wants to make known old ways of life, tools, vessels, everyday objects that have fallen into disuse, architectural changes, etc. that, over time, have shaped our history and finally led us to where we are today.

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  • Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday: 10-14h
  • Thursday and Friday: closed
  • Saturdays and Sundays: 10-14h (only closed the last weekend of the month)
  • August: closed

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