Sant Boi de Llobregat

Province: Barcelona
Shire: Baix Llobregat
Inhabitants: 82411
Extension: 21,5 Km2
Altitude: 30 m

Sant Boi de Llobregat, just as its name suggests, is a town located in the Baix Llobregat. Sant Boi's name comes from the patron saint of the village church, Sant Baldiri.

Today, the town is known for sportive rugby practice. In 1921 he created the first computer with the name of Unio Esportiva Santboiana. In fact it was the first team dedicated to this sport on the Iberian Peninsula. Despite that, he has another interest conditioned by an emblematic Catalan history who lived her last days in this county, Rafael Casanova.

With regard to the first signs of existence of people in this territory, they date back to centuries VI - I a. C. since found some deposits of Iberian origin. Also discovered archaeological remains that are more late Romans. Today, still preserved some Roman baths that were for private use.

The Museu de Sant Boi is situated in a sixteenth-century village house where, in addition, you can see some Roman walls. Currently, it is expected the transfer to Can Barraquer, another village house but important because Rafael Casanova lived there. Also, note a defense tower called Can Paulet or Joan I. This was part of the block of Benviure. Add that to the parish church of Sant Baldiri is the tomb of the aforementioned Rafael Casanova, where every year by the National Day of Catalonia celebrations are held.

In many corners of this population we can find sculptures of various styles. Since different sculptures dedicated to Antoni Gaudi to call Joc Nens works.

Po Finally, note the Immaculate Fair qua already been 62 years celebrating it every December. It is one of the biggest parties rooted in the population. This was initially an agricultural and livestock, but has been modernized. It is usually held in a quiet location in the city, right in Muntanyeta Park. One of the most important green areas of the city.

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