The oil route, from field to table

Arbeca, Castelldans, La Pobla de Cérvoles, Les Borges Blanques

This month we recommend you femTurisme oil route as it is during the month of November, around day 25, which is when we celebrate Santa Caterina, which begins harvesting…

Urgell Canal pedal route

Arbeca, Balaguer, Castellserà, Juneda ...

Discover Lleida's plans by pedaling through the Urgell Canal, the most important hydraulic infrastructure work in the history of Catalonia, which changed the appearance…

Grand Tour de Catalunya - Section 2. Meeting history: from Tarragona…

Bot, Cambrils, Capafonts, Cornudella de Montsant ... (a 5.2 Km)

The Grand Tour de Catalunya is a journey full of travels. This circular route, inspired by the great journeys that the young people of the 17th century bourgeoisie…

Route of the cabins back

Castelldans, El Vilosell, L'Albi, Les Borges Blanques ... (a 5.2 Km)

Les Garrigues is a region with an abundant heritage of dry stone constructions, among which the vaulted cabin stands out, its most emblematic construction. In an…

Cistercian Route: gastronomy in Vallbona de les Monges

Agramunt, Guimerà, Llorac, Maldà ... (a 9.5 Km)

On this route we suggest you visit the Monastery of Santa María de Vallbona de las Monjas, a female monastery that is included in the Cistercian Route. We…

Walking around l'Albi

L'Albi (a 13.2 Km)

Only 17 miles from the monastery of Poblet, 15 of Les Borges Blanques and 22 Montblanc found the town of L'Albi, surrounded by olive trees and full of attractions…

Transfilla Route

El Vilosell, La Pobla de Cérvoles (a 17.7 Km)

The Transllena route runs through the municipalities of La Pobla de Cérvoles and Vilosell. It enters the Sierra de la Llena, from where you can enjoy views…

Route through the monastery of Santa María de Poblet

Vimbodí i Poblet (a 18.8 Km)

Have you not visited the Cistercian Monastery of Santa María de Poblet? We suggest a visit to this magnificent heritage building of our country, in the municipality…

Tossal de la Baltasana or the Tower from Prades (circular)

Prades, Vimbodí i Poblet (a 18.8 Km)

A route to the highest peak of the Baix Camp and Conca de Barberà in the Sierra de Prades that offers us unique views and walks through one of the only two…

Prades route

L'Espluga de Francolí, Prades, Vimbodí i Poblet (a 18.8 Km)

A flat city between mountains which gives its name. Flat and red, the color of the stones of its main buildings and many homes. Its location makes it an ideal base…

Cistercian Route: The Poblet Monastery, history and present

El Pla de Santa Maria, L'Espluga de Francolí, Montblanc, Rocafort de Queralt ... (a 18.8 Km)

This Cistercian Route, refers to the monastery of Poblet, located in the interior of the Catalan regions, in the Conca de Barberà region. We will get closer…

Arrelats: unique and monumental trees

Vimbodí i Poblet (a 18.8 Km)

We present an environmental, historical and literary initiative that is set around a fortnight of emblematic trees in the municipality of Vimbodí and Poblet…

Sanctuary of Santa Maria de la Bovera

Guimerà (a 21.8 Km)

Building monasteries and shrines is no stranger in a land like Catalan. It is true that these constructions are present throughout the country, but we must recognize…

From south to north, museums' stories

Esterri d'Àneu, L'Espluga de Francolí, Lleida (a 21.9 Km)

Delving into a museum, it is a fact that has always led to those ideas preset boredom, silence, but over the years, the passage of time and modernity, museums have…

3 routes through some of the most beautiful towns in Tarragona

L'Espluga de Francolí, Miravet, Pratdip, Riudoms ... (a 21.9 Km)

With a privileged geographical location, Tarragona became a point of passage and settlement of different civilizations. In addition, it has an invaluable historical…

Ivars Lake and Vila-sana Route

Penelles (a 24.2 Km)

The Ivars and Vila-sana pond is a surprising natural space due to its large dimensions. Recovered in 2005 after it was dried out in 1951, it has become the most…

Wine Route: Costers del Segre

Alfarràs, Artesa de Segre, Balaguer, Foradada ... (a 24.2 Km)

As has been said repeatedly, Catalonia is a land of contrasts, while even the fruits it gives are varied and diverse as the geographical area where they are grown.…

Penelles: a route through the Secans of Bellmunt-Almenara

Penelles (a 24.2 Km)

The unique municipality of Penelles, in the region of La Noguera, is widely recognized for being the ' the town of Graffitis ' in Catalonia, but beyond…

Route of the hermitages of Ulldemolins

Ulldemolins (a 24.8 Km)

The route of the hermitages of Ulldemolins makes available to all the public the possibility of enjoying an environment rich in cultural, natural and landscape.

The cheese of Montsec

Artesa de Segre, Isona i Conca Dellà, Vallfogona de Balaguer, Vilanova de Meià (a 25.1 Km)

The Cordillera del Montsec, by their nature, welcomes attractions that arouse the interest of both visitors and residents themselves, besides having one of the…

Return to Vallfogona de Riucorb

Vallfogona de Riucorb (a 26 Km)

This fantastic route around Vallfogona de Riucorb takes us to know the diversity of landscapes of the Corb valley, with dry areas and others more humid.

Way of the Hanged in Vallfogona de Riucorb

Vallfogona de Riucorb (a 26 Km)

Tour through crops and small forests of pine and holm oaks, in an almost solitary environment. It is a magnificent walking excursion to observe the agricultural…

Fountain of en Ballart and San Pedro de los Bigatà

Vallfogona de Riucorb (a 26 Km)

Excursion to the Ballart fountain and the remains of the San Pedro de los Bigatà hermitage, two spaces linked to the Rector of Vallfogona. While we enjoy…

The Solà del Seniol and the Ballart fountain in Vallfogona…

Vallfogona de Riucorb (a 26 Km)

This itinerary runs through forests of pine, oak, holm oak and other species in the surroundings of the Corb river, a tributary of the Segre river, where it collects…


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