Return to Vallfogona de Riucorb

Return to Vallfogona de Riucorb

This fantastic route around Vallfogona de Riucorb takes us to know the diversity of landscapes of the Corb valley, with dry areas and others more humid.


We go out in front of the Vallfogona pool by the stairs that go up the side of the old El Perelló mill (12th century), later converted into a residential house. We go out in front of the Vallfogona pool by the stairs that go up the side of the old El Perelló mill (12th century), later converted into a residential house.

We turn left and take the path that goes up to the Comascura road. We leave itinerary 5 on the right. We turn left and leave the access to the mountain, the pillar of Las Cruces, on the right, with exceptional views of Vallfogona and the surroundings. We continue walking and pass by the side of the pool, the sports court and the soccer field (below). We continue straight on along the Hanged Path, which is paved and climbs steeply. We leave Cantiré Street and Route 3 on the left.

We continue climbing steeply along the asphalt road and we leave the Plains path to the left, which is where we will return. We almost reached the end of the coast. We leave the Hanged Path and take the path on the right that climbs steeply with loose stones from the dry stone margins fallen between old cultivation terraces.

We continue straight on, and we go up the stony path between old cultivation terraces, olive trees, holm oaks and oaks. As we go up, if we turn around, we can enjoy panoramic views of the town of Vallfogona.

Once we have stopped, we come to a field of olive trees and we continue straight on. We come to an area of large fields of sown, we continue straight on the road of the Hanged, flat and of good firm. We pass by the side of the Ferrer era and cabin and enter the Urgell region, in the municipality of Guimerà. We continue along the path to the right between cultivated fields and olive trees. Good road section.

We continue along the path to the right and further on we will pass a hut on the left where the threshold of the door says Guimerà. We turn left in a SE direction, leaving different entrances to cultivated fields on both sides. We turn left onto a path that descends steeply between cultivated fields. We turn right and descend steeply along a path that first crosses old cultivation terraces today abandoned and later takes us into a forest that follows a ravine, a tributary of the Corb River.

We leave a path on the right that goes down to Guimerà, and we continue straight east. From now on we walk parallel to the river Corb and on the road that goes to Guimerà and Vallfogona. In the background we see the chimney of the Cadena mill.

We come to a large holm oak surrounded by other smaller holm oaks. We turn left and go up the path that takes us back into the forest, parallel to the Corb river and on the road that goes to Guimerà and Vallfogona.

The path widens and the Les Planes path begins. We continue following the Corb river. On the other side of the river we see the tower of the Molino de la Cadena which is accessed from the other side of the river, and further on, a farm. Little by little we will see the town of Vallfogona de Riucorb.Continue straight ahead and we will leave other paths on both sides that lead us to different fields of cultivation.

We go straight on and leave other paths on both sides that lead us to different fields of Conreu. Camí de las Llanuras, link with the Hanged Path. We leave the path of the Plains and join the asphalt path of the Hanged. We continue to the right towards the town.

We leave route 2 and continue to the right, along Calle Cantarero and join route 3. We cross the Corb river and turn right onto Calle del Raval del Pozo. Later, we crossed to the other side of the street to enter the town.

Cruce, cross at the end of San Jorge and Calle de los Templarios. The term cross was formerly located on the road to the departure of Badiceli, when it was restored it was moved to the site. We turn left and go up Calle de los Templarios. Immediately we turn right again to continue along a very narrow alley, to the left, which takes us directly to Carrer de Colomer.

Crossroads, Colomer street. We turn right and leave the path to the left that goes up to the cemetery. We continue straight until the T241 road.

We turn left and move on until we reach the road to Segura. Attention, here we take the path that goes out to our left until we reach an era. An era is a space of land, flattened and firm to beat. We climbed up the side of a beating with the iron gate and climbed up. We advance among the remains of various agricultural constructions and holm oaks, oaks and pine forests. The road is wide and firm. We go straight on and take the second path that comes out on the right.

We leave the Badiceli road and turn right. We enter a lush forest of small-leaved oaks, holm oaks and pine forests. At the height of the Cadena mill (right), the path falls and enters the sunny side of Seniol.

On the right, we pass the ruins of an old barrack and a 2-hour path that goes down to the Hinojo path and the Alta Valle del Corb itinerary. We continue up, to the left. The path climbs up, zigzagging through old cultivation terraces.

We leave a path that goes down to the right and we continue straight up. We come to the path of Cabo del Coll, wide and firm. We turn left and continue climbing up. We take the second path (the path of Cabo del Coll) and we descend hard while enjoying an excellent panoramic view of the Almendra de la Segarra.

Crossroads, on the way to Cabo del Coll and on the way to San Pedro. We turn right upstairs.

We continue straight in the direction of the Ballart fountain. If we want to shorten, we turn left and take the path that goes down to Vallfogona de Riucorb (itinerary 4). Before making the turn, we make a shortcut and take the path to the left. Once at the top, we come to the path of San Pedro and we turn left.

Source: Vallfogona de Riucorb Town Council

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