AviART: Art in the streets of Avià

AviART: Art in the streets of Avià

Orientation semi-urban route through the nucleus of Avià, Berguedà and through the Creu neighborhood to be able to see the artistic works of the AviART initiative .

AviART wants to give value and attractiveness to the people, establishing a brand with meaning as an evolutionary record of the people and with a social conscience. AviART merges artistic presence and landscaping care. It carries art on the street, art made by neighbors and by professionals as well. Order the natural sites by merging them with the people in a coherent way.

We start the route!

The guideline proposal for the route is marked by a route that leaves the Creu neighborhood, but in any case, we can start it at any point where it passes.

The layout, therefore, is only an approximation to the different works of art that we can see, some along the same layout and others for which it will be necessary to leave the strict layout in order to approach it.

It will only be necessary to look at the different points that we will visualize on the screen once the route is activated and freely approach if we wish. To continue, however, we recommend always returning to the proposed layout.

Good route and good art!

What to do

Turisme del Berguedà

From the cultivation areas of Baix Berguedà, the Cadí-Moixeró Natural Park and…

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La Torre de l'amo de Viladomiu Nou

Gironella (a 9.6 Km)

Transported back in time and enjoy a building protected as a cultural…

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Niudalia - Flower Farm

Capolat (a 3.1 Km)

Niudalia is a space to visit Dahlias, Tulips and many other varieties…

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Centre d'interpretació de l'Església de Cal Pons

Puig-reig (a 12.3 Km)

The Interpretation Center of the Colonia Pons Church, through three museum spaces,…

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Where to eat

Bar Restaurant Xato

Gironella (a 6.5 Km)

Place your order for pizzas, hamburgers, tapas... at the Xato Bar-Restaurant and…

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Apart Hotel Restaurant Cal Marçal

Puig-reig (a 14.1 Km)

Small apart hotel located in the Lower Berguedà also has bar and…

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Cal Candi

Vilada (a 10 Km)

Located in the village of Vilada, at a height of 750 meters…

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Hostal de Montclar

Montclar (a 8.3 Km)

Restaurant specialized in black peas (pèsols negres), grilled meat and garden and…

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Where to sleep

Restaurant Apartaments Els Roures

Castellar del Riu (a 4.6 Km)

Rest, charm and good cuisine, a unique space located in Berguedà, at…

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Escardívol turisme rural

Viver i Serrateix (a 13.3 Km)

Three houses restored for rural output. The common denominator in all of…

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Berga Resort

Berga (a 3.3 Km)

Tourist and sports center located in the Catalan Pre-Pyrenees (700 m high)…

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Cal Majoral

L'Espunyola (a 7.5 Km)

Located in a dream location where the landscape invites you to enjoy…

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Raffle: tickets to the Colonia Vidal Museum

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Picnic among sunflowers in Niudalia

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26 €

Tell him with flowers at the Hotel La Cabana

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275 €


Festival of El Prat de Llobregat

22/09/2023 - 25/09/2023

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Indiana Stones: We Explore! in La Pedrera

25/09/2023 ...

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