Wine & Kayak

Rogles Aventura
Flix, Miravet, Tivissa
Deal: 35.00 €

Wine tasting and kayak descent on the Ebro

We combine the visit to Suñer wineries and wine tasting, with a short and gentle descent in kayak or canoe by the Ebro. The best way to get an idea of this activity is to see this brief report. In the vicinity of Miravet, specifically in the town of Ginestar are the Suñer wineries . A family with years of tradition at the time entrepreneurs, that will give us to taste white wines on the same bank of the Ebro.

If the first tasting is between the vineyards and the Ebro River, the second one - which will be black wines - will be in the same winery. On the other hand, prior to the tasting, we will make a nice and short descent in kayak or canoe between the towns of Mora la Nova and Ginestar. It is a guided route, which in summer includes a stop on one of the islands to relax or bathe in it. This section passes near the historic Iberian settlement of Castellet de Banyoles de Tivissa and in total it lasts between 1h15 'and 1h45' depending on the rhythm, the flow of the river and the stops we can make.

In short, a very nice experience in the Ebro Lands that combines the best of the land with the best of activities in the area.

It includes:

  1. Initial session in security, technical and tourism;
  2. Choice of single, double, triple or quadruple kayaks if you bring children. Vests and shovels.
  3. Monitor / s graduates and accompanying experts throughout the route.
  4. Transportation back to the starting point.
  5. Tasting of white and red wines from the Ribera de Ebro by an oenologist.
  6. Visit winery.

To make reservations you can contact by phone or email with Rogles Adventure.


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