Kayaking down the Ebro River

Rogles Aventura
Flix, Miravet, Tivissa
Deal: 25.00 €

The most complete route: Miravet, has undoubtedly become our most demanded route. The main reasons are the arrival at the beautiful town of Miravet with its Templar castle in the background; and the fact that the further north, the more current we enjoy and therefore we can walk more kilometers with less effort.

We say that it is the most complete half-day route, since it offers a bit of everything: landscape, sufficient current of the river; towns to stop us, islands in the river or the traditional boat pass of Miravet.

Walk the so-called "Cubeta de Móra" territory where the Ebro, seems to rest, right between the pass of the "Pas de l'Ase" and the "Pas de Barrufemes".

The departure point is usually the pier of Móra la Nova and we usually stop for breakfast or swim (weather permitting) on an island near Benissanet; Then we continue with the kayak to the emblematic Miravet: Crowned by the castle of Miravet, of great historical value, especially in the time of the Templars, although of Arab origin.

The current of the river Ebro rocks us downstream with the kayak and we will calmly enjoy the lush riverbank vegetation, especially in the islands of Galatxo and the area of the Iberian settlement of the Castellet de Banyoles in Tivissa.

Some curious contrasts that we will enjoy: We leave at the foot of the castle of Móra de Ebro and arrive at the foot of Miravet Castle. We left from the murmur of the 2 bridges of Móra, to the foot of the Iberian settlement of Tivissa. The exit Galatxo Island and the Miravet Islands to arrive. Leaving from large bridges and reaching the historic Miravet boat pass still in operation, the only one that works without the use of electric power.

Apart from names of trees and different species of birds, we will surely learn that they are the "sortetes"; what are the "aubergins"; what points our Iberian ancestors chose to live; anecdotes of the Battle of the Ebro in the Civil War and of course our guides will inform you of what to eat, what to visit, where to rest or local customs.

It is generally a section that runs away from the road and this makes it particularly silent and magical for a canoe, kayak or canoe route.

Duration: 2h to 2h 30 'depending on the rhythm and flow rate.

It includes:

  1. Initiation session in technique, security and tourism;
  2. Choice of individual, double, triple or quadruple kayaks if you go with children.
  3. Vests and shovel.
  4. Qualified monitors and accompanying experts throughout the route.
  5. Transportation back to the point of departure.
  6. Insurance and navigation permission...
  7. And a surprising experience, suitable for everyone.

You have to contact by phone or by email with Rogles Aventura to specify the day and time of the activity.


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