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The Living Nativity Scene of Castell d'Aro is a nativity scene carried out by Mosén Gumersind in 1959, who declared in his memoirs that he was inspired by the Living Nativity Scene of Engordany (Andorra) created by Esteve Albert.

It all started one afternoon while the meeting was being held to organize the Midnight Mass in Castell d'Aro. The priest conveyed to the youth of the town the idea of creating a scene of the Living Manger at the end of mass. The boys and girls quickly accepted the proposal, since they were very excited to be able to carry out this project in the municipality.

That same year, moments after leaving mass, a small nativity scene was staged located in the ruins of the Benedormiens Castle, next to the church of Santa Maria.

Given the good reception from the townspeople, the following year there were many more families who were encouraged and decided to start collaborating. For this same reason, the route was expanded, a part of it each year, to this day, where the entire old town center is covered with scenes.

When the manger was already eight years old, Mossèn Gumersind left the parish of Castell d'Aro and gave the responsibility of directing it to Mossèn Agustí Vila, who for more than 30 years was at the top of the project. In 2004, the Living Nativity Scene Association was created, and a new stage in its history began.

On April 23, 2011, Castell d'Aro received the Cross of Sant Jordi in the hands of the Generalitat of Catalonia, for its great work in the Living Nativity Scene. This fact brought great excitement to all the people who were and continue to be involved in some way. Receiving the Cross of Sant Jordi not only meant a great victory, but it was the feeling of good work for all the participants.

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