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Casa Migjorn s/n Navàs
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Oli Migjorn is a small project dedicated to the cultivation of olive trees and the production of organic extra virgin olive oil. Quality, the recovery of local varieties and synergy with the territory are our day-to-day objectives.

Quality is one of the spearheads of the project. Field work, ecological treatment, the choice of harvest time and the use of modern machinery for the production of oil are the key. Unique, quality and local food.

It is a young and exciting project, born in 2007, with the aim of recovering the Migjorn farm, located in the municipality of Navàs, in the Cardener valley, south of Cardona, in the Bages region, Barcelona.

Some first plantations of Arbequíes olive trees are the step to start producing extra virgin olive oil. Later, the company took a new and clear course, recovering the autochthonous and native variety of the Cardener River environment, the Corbella.

The project produces and markets extra virgin olive oil of the Corbella, Arbequina and Picual varieties. From the Arbequina variety, it produces naturally flavored (infused) organic olive oils, very fun to pair with our cuisine on a daily basis.

Guided tours of the olive trees and the Oli Migjorn workshop

Rediscover our ancient past, the ancient cultivation of the olive tree and the native Corbella variety. Activities for the whole family.

  • Welcome with a corporate video to learn more about our project.
  • Explanation of the oil process.
  • Training session to make a first approach to the world of extra virgin olive oil, to know the essentials. Theory and practice of an oil tasting. We will learn to distinguish qualities, find defects and positive attributes. Everything we need to know when we are going to buy to be able to choose from our knowledge.
  • Oil pairing with 4 bites.
  • Visit to the mill.
  • Visit to the olive trees.

Shcedules and prices:

Schedules and prices can be consulted on the Oli Migjorn website.

How to get

On the C-55 Manresa - Solsona highway, take the detours towards Valls de Torroella (08269). Next, take the detour located at km.20 of the ctra. district C1410 (or in the also called Ctra. de Cardona, 12).


Oil tourism with Oli Migjorn

Oli Migjorn Navàs

20 €

Vacation rental at Casa Migjorn

Oli Migjorn Navàs

Oleoexperience with Oli Migjorn

Oli Migjorn Navàs

380 €


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