La Clau Room Escape Manresa

Passatge Vilaseca i Garriga, K-J Manresa

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Find a group of 2 to 6 people and enjoy for 1 hour the enigmas raised to get out of the room, teamwork will make everything easier. You will get it?

Room escape from Manresa suitable for all as long as the group has an adult.

The Pandora's Box (plot)

The Montaner family has dedicated their lives to hiding and protecting one of the most dangerous relics in the world, the Pandora's box. Now, the custody of this is in the hands of the four heirs of the family. For the first time in a long time, the world is in danger due to the greed of the older brother. If you were in the middle of a family war where the destruction of humanity is at stake, what role would you play?

Until Dawn (plot)

After the horrible events that took place in the house of the Freeman family, the building carries the legend that is enchanted.

Now, an eccentric millionaire has just acquired it and will put in play a large economic reward for players who meet the goal that proposes: spend a night in the building.

Do you dare to participate?

Only for adults.

Who are we going to?

Friends and families What better way to live an unforgettable experience with family and friends! Reinforce the bond that unites you and you will know each other better.

Coworkers. The activity that we propose will enhance the skills of your team and strengthen relationships between co-workers.

Tourists. What do you know about Manresa? We are inside the historic center of the city. After knowing La Clau, complete the day discovering a city that has a lot to say.

Give us back We have different options to make the gift for you. If you are looking for an original gift, do not hesitate and give La Clau a gift.

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