Try Catalan extra virgin olive oil

Try Catalan extra virgin olive oil

Virgin olive oil is a sign of identity of the Catalan gastronomic culture. It is visualized with a color that goes from a greenish-yellow to golden yellow depending on when the olives have been harvested .

This product is undoubtedly the most valuable testimony that Greco-Latin culture has left us . Today, several olive growing areas of Catalonia have recognized their extra virgin olive oils through a protected designation of origin.

Tasty (spicy, astringent and moderately bitter) and very aromatic oils (rich in secondary green aromas) with a fruity flavor at the beginning of the season and slightly sweeter as it progresses.

Currently in Catalonia there are five recognized Denominations of Origin of extra virgin olive oils: Les Garrigues, Siurana, Terra Alta Oil, Baix Ebre-Montsià Oil and Empordà Oil. Achieving the extra virgin qualification implies rigorous compliance with a series of requirements that start in the field, with the olive trees and the harvesting and handling of the olives.

Throughout the territory you will enjoy fairs, gastronomic days, parties with tastings, tastings, gastronomic workshops and technical days dedicated to oil to enhance its value.

The oil route, from field to table

This route with so much flavor that we recommend passes by some municipalities of Les Garrigues. An area that offers a magnificent landscape of the tree that gives…

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Guided route of the oil in Torrebesses

The oil mill of Bep de Canut was built in the mid- nineteenth century, being one of the five mills that existed in Torrebesses at that time. This took advantage…

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Oli Priordei


Discover the Priordei oil route + Breakfast among olive trees. Guided tours…

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Oli Migjorn


Guided tours of the olive trees and the workroom of Olis Migjorn…

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Molí d'Oli Cavaloca


We try to get the visitor out of the tasting with the…

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Cooperativa del Camp


Visit the Cooperativa del Campo de Bellaguarda. Will you know and taste…

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Oli Raig d'Arbeca


Raig d'Arbeca has a shop (oleoteca) where they offer different varieties of…

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Oli Montsacer

La Bisbal de Falset

The Cooperative is currently in the center of La Bisbal de Falset,…

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Oil Fair Vera de Bigues i Riells

Bigues i Riells

The liquid gold returns to be protagonist in Bigues i Riells!? Come and discover the world of oil at the Vera Oil Fair, from the cultivation of olive oil until…

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Gastronomic Days of New Oil? Extra Virgin Olive in Cambrils


The Cooperativa Agrícola de Cambrils and the Department of Economic Promotion of the City Council organize the Jornadas del Aceite de Cambrils, taking advantage…

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Oil Fair of the Lands of the Ebro and Algarroba in Tortosa


Olive oil and carob star in a new edition of the traditional Ebro Land Oil Fair and the Algarroba Fair in Tortosa. Tastings, contests and many more activities are…

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New oil festival of Cervià de les Garrigues

Cervià de les Garrigues

Cervià de les Garrigues invites you to the Festival of New Oil. Discover the program of acts of the cooperative that will allow you to visit the mill and…

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Festival of Santa Oliva in Olesa de Montserrat

Olesa de Montserrat

Party in honor of the patron saint of the city, Santa Oliva, with different activities programmed, mainly, in the old town of Olesa de Montserrat. The day of the…

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Baronia de Cabacés Oil Fair


Cabacés celebrates the Baronia de Cabacés Oil Fair. Waiting for you stops for the main street of the town, guided visits to the mill and the cultural…

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Feria de las Garrigues, the Extra Virgin Quality Oil Fair in…

Les Borges Blanques

If you visit the Feria del Aceite, you will see that smelling and / or tasting oils is a fluid and organic task, which comes out by itself, without effort. This…

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Fair of San Vicente and Festival of the Oil of Espluga de Francolí

L'Espluga de Francolí

The Espluga de Francolí celebrates the Fair of San Vicente and the Festival of the Oil, a multisectorial and very complete sample, where you will also find…

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Guided route of oil in Torrebesses


Visit the old oil mill of Bep de Canut de Torrebesses, also includes a visit to the Interpretation Center of Piedra Seca and the New Church "that killed the cold".

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Feast of new oil in Cambrils


Within the Gastronomic Days of the new extra virgin olive oil from Cambrils, the New Oil Festival is celebrated . It is a popular lunch to taste the new extra virgin…

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For Sant Jordi, let's make paper roses with femturism

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Gastronomic March El Prat de Llobregat

15/03/2021 - 11/04/2021

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Visits to the Women's Museum - Can Ganga de Tossa de Mar

26/03/2021 - 11/04/2021

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The Passion of Olesa de Montserrat

11/04/2021 ...

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Echoes Cycle in the Monastery of Sant Cugat del Vallès

16/04/2021 ...

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