Ximpàtica visit

Fundació Mona
Riudellots de la Selva
Deal: 9.00 €

Ximpatitza't with the workshops that the MONA Foundation offers for families with children or groups for children.

Do you think that environmental education is basic for children to learn to respect and love nature? MONA also. That is why we have created the ximpàtiques Visits, in which both the small and the elderly can learn together having fun and the smallest of the house can be approached in a very special way in the world of primates. It consists of:

  • Enrichment Workshop: Based on crafts and lots of imagination, prepare a game for chimpanzees, to make their lives in MONA more fun and interesting.
  • Guided tour: you will know the chimpanzees and monkeys, their stories and because we have rescued them. And you can see how they like the enrichment that has prepared them.

The youngest ones are thus involved in the process of recovery of the rescued primates, creating means of enrichment that help animals deprived of their natural environment to feel motivated and to adapt positively to their new home.


  • Reservation prior to 972 477 618 or visit@fundaciomona.org
  • Duration visit + workshop: 2.00h
  • Recommended for groups with children from 4 to 10 years.
  • Limited capacity - reservation in advance


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