From market to market in Barcelona

From market to market in Barcelona

Barcelona's markets are filled with festive atmosphere of this time and offer their clients special moments that go beyond the purchase of an object. For this reason, since femTurisme, we encourage you to visit some of these venues in the city of Barcelona but from a different perspective than we are used to. Enjoying, totally, of the beauty of these places that we hide the city and are part of the "Route of the markets."

Ruta dels mercats Humans by nature, since its existence, we have tended to trade us between us reaching a mutual agreement. This action to negotiate and agree on is known as the market mechanism.

However, this mechanism has evolved and today the markets are not just a simple agreement between seller and buyer, but also have become a meeting point since over time this activity has finished developing and partnering in a given space.

The history of the market in Barcelona

Mercat del Born Barcelona is a city open to the sea. Its location allowed during Roman who engaged in commercial activities. This led him to become, at that time, in the political and economic center of Catalonia.

The first market was held in the Plaza del Angel, which was then on the other side of the wall. From this initial market ones came later as the Born, where jousts were held by the nobility, parties and carnival ... In those days the markets have several functions besides the things exchanged.

As regards the location and shape of the market until the nineteenth century settled in roads and began to adopt a sedentary lifestyle. So, too, progressively increased product variety.

A mid-nineteenth century, in the middle of the industrial revolution, the number of markets, which were adapted to the new construction techniques, to meet the needs of citizens and the market is defined as a specific space, covered and quiet.

Open sky covered; Santa Caterina Market

The first market of Barcelona began to adopt new constructive characteristics of the markets of the nineteenth century was the Santa Caterina Market. This was the first covered market in the city.

Mercat de Santa Catarina The market of Santa Caterina is located in Ciutat Vella, in the Ribera district, and close to the Cathedral of Barcelona.

It was inaugurated in 1848 and its purpose was to bring food to the civilians of the popular classes during the postwar years. In addition, I also did get the food to neighboring towns like Badalona, ??El Masnou ...

The name of this market comes from the collapse of the convent of Santa Caterina in 1835 by conflicts of the time, which was located where the market currently. Although it was initially designed as a square-market. In 1944 he laid the first stone.

Over the years it has undergone various renovations (additions, changes, ...). Most notable were the works completed in 2005, which gave the market a unique new roof made of colored tiles in a mosaic style, representing fruits and vegetables, so wavy. This new cover is metal and was designed by architects Enric Miralles and Tagliabue Bendetta.

Underground parking also is built using the latest renovations of space and preserves the spirit of the old Gothic convent since the walls are decorated with paintings that pay homage to it.

The market, beyond a single space

Mercat de la Llibertat (Barcelona) When Gracia was an independent town of Barcelona , in 1831 the landowner Olives Marc gave his farm that was in this village for the construction of a square with the aim that the farmers and artisans could work and sell their products .

This new square was surrounded by houses, remember that the people of Catalonia have been formed around the market square, called the Plaza del Rey.

In 1836 changed the name to the Constitution and in 1840 changed again to switch to call Liberty Square. And so, with this name, the market was also identified.

Mercat de la Llibertat The 1888 Liberty market suffered its first reform market opening cover made ??of pottery. Just as iron structure and decoration that crown its roof with some borders and saw the market with a shield in the style of Art Nouveau.

Art Nouveau also find Galvany market. This was built on land donated by the Earl of Galvany to Sarria. As the market of Liberty, this was an open-air market located in a place and where, eventually built the covered market. It opened in 1927 and is arranged in a cross.

La Boqueria, one of the most important markets in Barcelona

The Boqueria market, formerly known as the market Sant Josep, is located in the Ciutat Vella district at the foot of the Rambla. Perhaps because of its location at a strategic point in the city, has become emblematic market.

Mercat de la Boqueria (Mercat de Sant Josep) In the twelfth century it was a street market. Many times had thought him away from the place where it is today as the Rambla was becoming very busy and believed that the market was not suitable to the environment that was baked in that area.

Its origin, for it was outdoors. In fact he was one of the gates in the wall, the door of the Pla de la Boqueria.

Since 1700, approximately, the market was moving to different parts of the city. Until 1835 that burned the convent of Sant Josep and on that ground the council planned to build the new market.

In 1840, coinciding with the day of Sant Josep he laid the first stone of the new building.

The arch modernist located one of the entrances, which is made of iron and stained glass was installed in 1913. It has an old iron shield and two piece bases that support the arch are decorated in the style of Gaudi (with "Trencadís"). The year 1914 was definitely covered.

The Christmas market

Santa Llúcia Fair is a must at this time and we will find everything we need for these days (the Christmas tree, nativity figures for ...).

Fira de Santa Llucia It is located at the foot of the Cathedral of Barcelona and is one of the oldest fairs in Catalonia with almost 200 years of tradition.

See also the route fairs, pastorets, games and theater to celebrate Christmas .

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