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Els Pastorets de l'Ametlla de Merola


Enjoy the Pastorets of La Ametlla de Merola one of the oldest in Catalonia and they do it with the representation of La Flor de Nadal. Do not miss it!

Granja Natura (Centre d'Apropament a la Natura)

Navàs (a 3 Km)

Ideal for families! Offers children and adults the opportunity to discover, touch, see, hear and experience nature through its facilities and activities that will…

Museu de la colònia Vidal de Puig-Reig

Puig-reig (a 4.7 Km)

The visit to Colonia Vidal de Puig-reig allows us to capture how we worked and lived in an industrial colony of the early s. XX.

Turisme del Berguedà

(a 7.9 Km)

From the cultivation areas of Baix Berguedà, the Cadí-Moixeró Natural Park and Alto Berguedà, we find ourselves in a land of contrasts with the Llobregat river…

Centre d'interpretació de l'Església de Cal Pons

Puig-reig (a 8 Km)

The Interpretation Center of the Colonia Pons Church, through three museum spaces, reveals the role played by the Church in the consolidation of the industrial…

La Torre de l'amo de Viladomiu Nou

Gironella (a 11.3 Km)

Transported back in time and enjoy a building protected as a cultural asset of local interest, such as La Torre del Amo.

Oli Migjorn

Navàs (a 11.9 Km)

Guided tours of the olive trees and the Oli Migjorn workshop. Rediscover our ancient past, the ancient cultivation of the olive tree and the native variety Corbella.…

Centre d’Interpretació de la Bruixeria

Sant Feliu Sasserra (a 12.5 Km)

The Bruixeria de Sant Feliu Sasserra Interpretation Center invites visitors to get closer, with a modern and suggestive show, to the ancestral phenomenon of witchcraft,…

Teatre Kursaal

Manresa (a 15.3 Km)

Performing arts space Manresa, you can enjoy all tipus of shows.

Castell de Cardona

Cardona (a 16.2 Km)

The passing of history has left its mark on every corner of the Cardona castle: the imposing keep that keeps the memory of the county castle alive, the church that…

Pessebre Vivent Pont Llarg

Manresa (a 18.5 Km)

Every December 26, Manresa is transformed into a town in the Galilee of more than 2,000 years ago, with the participation and effort of more than 300 people at…

Museu d'art del Bolet

Montmajor (a 17.5 Km)

The Museum incorporates more than 500 pieces of mushrooms duly cataloged by families, characteristics, habits, culinary value or toxicity. You will enjoy an unforgettable…

Rutes BTT Sílvia Rovira

Cardona (a 16.6 Km)

Organization and design outputs hiking, mountain biking and snowshoeing (winter). It combines sports, nature, history, art, landscapes and gastronomy.

Món Sant Benet

Sant Fruitós de Bages (a 17.7 Km)

Món Sant Benet is a highly unique cultural, tourist and leisure project. A unique set, where you will find a medieval monastery.

Fuives, centre mundial del ruc català

Olvan (a 18.8 Km)

Stroll along the paths of Fuives for close more than a hundred donkeys grazing in the forests surrounding quietly with their foals

Turisme Lluçanès

(a 18.8 Km)

Discover the Llucanès. A calm and serene territory in which to share memorable experiences and build unforgettable memories. Wavy plateaus, colored mountains.…

La Clau Room Escape

Manresa (a 20.3 Km)

Find a group of 2 to 6 people and enjoy for 1 hour the enigmas raised to get out of the room, teamwork will make everything easier. You will get it?

Pessebre Vivent de Les Torres de Fals

Fonollosa (a 20.4 Km)

The visit to the Bethlehem closes between shepherds, who offer a memory of Fals, giving heat to the show and wanting to return. Nativity scene that began humbly…

Niudalia - Flower Farm

Capolat (a 22.3 Km)

Niudalia is a space to visit Dahlias, Tulips and many other varieties of flowers. A space where you can experience nature and marvel at its flowery gardens.

Centre d’Interpretació el Camp de les Lloses

Tona (a 29.1 Km)

The Archaeological Park of Camp de las Lloses is made up of its site in the process of being excavated and musealized and the Interpretation Center where a collection…

Federació Pessebres Vivents de Catalunya

Tona (a 29.4 Km)

The Federation of Living Nativity Scenes of Catalonia is a non-profit cultural association, constituted by the voluntary integration of any entity that organizes…

Globus Pirineu

Solsona (a 29.5 Km)

Enjoy the opportunity and experience to discover the richness of the landscape from an aerial perspective with bird's-eye views.


Paellas for groups in Berguedà

Bar Restaurant Xato (Gironella) (a 14.7 Km)

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13 €

We bring you food to your rural house

Bar Restaurant Xato (Gironella) (a 14.7 Km)

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'Montclar cultural', Autumn cycle to learn about the heritage…

30/09/2023 ...

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Castelltallat Festival, Sant Mateu de Bages

29/09/2023 - 30/09/2023 ...

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Raffle: tickets to the Colonia Vidal Museum

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