Bellcaire d'Urgell

Province: Lleida
Shire: La Noguera
Inhabitants: 1341
Extension: 31,4 Km2
Altitude: 267 m

Bellcaire d'Urgell is a municipality in the comarca of Noguera. It comprises the core population Bellcaire d'Urgell and the Pedris. Bellcaire d'Urgell is watered by two canals, the Canal d'Urgell and the Sio Canal, whose construction did increase the number of people and ended with the crisis that haunted the area. In Major Street Bellcaire d'Urgell also installed a public fountain in 1885.

The origin of the name of Bellcaire d'Urgell not too clear, but is thought to come from Arabic and that would mean something about a beautifully chosen. Traditionally, the population of Bellcaire d'Urgell has been dedicated to growing grapes and cereal, which is why we found a place that was called Sitjar Square, where they used to keep these foods. Today, this square is called the Plaza del Mercado. After the Civil War, the citizens of Bellcaire d'Urgell were organized and created an agricultural cooperative, later a textile cooperative and soon after a study center that has over becoming Ermengol Institute Bellcaire IV of Urgell.

In civil architecture Bellcaire d'Urgell we highlight the facade of the Town Hall and its plaza, the cross of the term and the monument of the ninth centenary of the founding of Bellcaire d'Urgell. Regarding ecclesiastical architecture included the church of Santa Maria and Sant Pere del Pedris and belfry sticking in the population.

In Bellcaire d'Urgell also find a collection of farming tools and oil mill where oil is produced since 1929. The latter you can visit to find out how to make and taste the product obtained in the preparation.

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