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Gironès, Terra de Passeig

Aiguaviva ...

The Gironès region, composed of twenty-seven municipalities, is an inland region of the province of Girona.

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Fugir Room Escape Girona

Girona (a 6.6 Km)

The most famous doctor in the city has disappeared and you have to find out where you got yourself and what your intentions were. Being a group of professional…

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Fundació Mona

Riudellots de la Selva (a 6.3 Km)

The Mona Foundation is a non-profit organization that has a rescue and rehabilitation center near Girona surrounded by nature that serves as a home to rescued primates…

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Hotel Balneari Vichy Catalan

Caldes de Malavella (a 11.6 Km)

The hot springs and sodium bicarbonate of Vichy Catalan Manantial emerge at 60 ° C, this temperature gives them a strong mineralization making them ideal for…

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Camins de Bosc

Sant Hilari Sacalm (a 18.5 Km)

Roads of forest is a private forest area of ​​about two hectares suitable as a picnic and recreation area according to current regulations.

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Associació del Via Crucis Vivent

Sant Hilari Sacalm (a 22.1 Km)

For more than three centuries, Sant Hilari Sacalm celebrates its living Via Crucis, preserving the tradition processional transmitting from parents to children,…

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Terracotta Museu

La Bisbal d'Empordà (a 23.3 Km)

The purpose of the Terracotta Museum of Ceramics is to conserve and disseminate the scientific, technical and industrial heritage of Bisbanese ceramics, to make…

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El Gran Museu de la Màgia

Santa Cristina d'Aro (a 24 Km)

Catalan house of end of 1700, with chapel, where automatons, posters, magic apparatuses of different times, paintings, decks of cards, tarots, books, peculiar objects…

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Museu de la Pagesia de Fogars de la Selva

Fogars de la Selva (a 25.1 Km)

The Museum of the Peasant of Fogars de la Selva wants us to relive past times and make known to the visitor the agricultural past that reigned in these lands and…

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Globus Empordà

Colomers (a 24.7 Km)

Moved by a spirit of adventure and by the fascination with balloons, he decided to offer flights in balloons through the beautiful area where is the: the Ampurdán.…

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Globus Barcelona

Barcelona ... (a 24.7 Km)

Discover the magic of a balloon flight balloon Barcelona. Balloon fly in different areas of Catalonia. Choose where you want to fly in a balloon, each season has…

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Pessebre Vivent Castell D'Aro

Castell - Platja d'Aro (a 25.9 Km)

Our Bethlehem begins in 1959 by Father Gumersind and the Bas family. The Association of the Living Pessebre of Castell d'Aro also participates in the Medieval…

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Dolphin's Diving Center

Lloret de Mar (a 27.4 Km)

Dolphin's Diving Center offers you a new way to discover the underwater world. The satisfaction of floating underwater will make you feel like you are in another…

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Viles Florides

Almacelles ... (a 27.3 Km)

Villas Floridas promotes the flower and the plant as Catalonia's natural heritage and values sustainable policies.

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El Pessebre de Bàscara

Bàscara (a 27.3 Km)

The Pessebre de Bàscara consists of two different parts, the first part takes place in the Plaza de la Iglesia, after the welcome the irruption of the Roman Empire…

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Barcelona és molt més

Abrera ... (a 26.4 Km)

Discovers that Barcelona is much more! Near Barcelona have a world of possibilities: Costa de Barcelona, ​​?? the landscapes of Barcelona and the Pyrenees to…

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Juegarv Realitat Virtual

Lloret de Mar ... (a 27.3 Km)

Experience new emotions in virtual reality! You can come with your family, make an Escape Room or play action games.

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La Fageda

Santa Pau (a 29.9 Km)

Come visit the largest dairy farm in the area, where children can spoil calves without fear. You are surrounded by forests and volcanoes, you will live a unique…

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Cervesa Popaire

Blanes (a 29.4 Km)

Guided tour of our facilities. The brewer himself will explain the elaboration process and some anecdotes of the history of beer and introduce us to beer styles.

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Autumn Festival in Sant Gregori

22/09/2019 ...

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Almogàvers Race in Sant Gregori


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Santa Tecla Fair in Cassà de la Selva

20/09/2019 - 22/09/2019

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Festival of Sant Julià de Ramis

20/09/2019 - 22/09/2019 ...

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Milestone Project in Girona

02/09/2019 - 22/09/2019

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