Flowering in the Orchard of Lleida

Flowering in the Orchard of Lleida

The fruit trees of l'Horta make the landscape change in each season of the year. Starting at the end of February or beginning of March, during the first half of the year the landscape of l'Horta becomes a mosaic of colours.

This route passes through some of the points that will allow you to contemplate this range of colors, from the pink of the flowers of the peach trees through the white of the plum, apple and pear trees, to the green of the cereals, the riverbank trees Segre and the reedbeds of the canals and ditches. Likewise, you will also be able to see the flower fields up close from different fruit producers.

Gardeny Hill

This is one of the most unknown spaces in the city. Located on the southern outskirts of Lleida, its views over the city, the Segre River and the orchard are certainly privileged. Not in vain did the Templars build one of the most important castles of the order in the 12th century: the Castle of Gardeny.

Today you can visit the remains of the building, with access to its roof terrace and the representation that has been made into a museum of daily life that took place when it was a first-class military post.

Aromas of Can Rosselló

Aromas Can Rosselló is a family initiative of farmers from l'Horta dedicated to the organic cultivation of lavender. Apart from the production of their own products derived from this plant with multiple properties, they organize cultural, gastronomic and recreational activities open to everyone.

One of the photos of Lleida that is taking more flight is the one that draws the profile of the Seu Vella in the background of a blooming lavender field in the foreground.

Sanui Winery

They are the only winegrowers of the Costers del Segre Denomination of Origin that produce wine in the municipality of Lleida. Located in the northwest of the orchard, its vineyards are located on a small plateau of land with a clay-calcareous texture. They produce top quality whites and blacks following criteria of environmental sustainability.

Sanui Olive Grove

Olive oil is one of the essential products of our gastronomy. The small producers of Olivo de Sanui, one of the few remaining in the Lleida orchard, make their golden ray from Arbequina olives planted in the Torres de Sanui district, located in the northeast of the city.

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