Live nature and Horta de Lleida

Live nature and Horta de Lleida

Lleida, around the first Spanish film to win a Bear Bone at the Berlinale: "Alcarràs". Now is the time to rediscover this territory and take advantage of the opportunity to eat an apple, a peach, or a tomato that still smells, and tastes, like an apple, peach, or tomato.

The Segre, mainly, and the other rivers that cross the territory, and the human ingenuity, which channeled its waters to take them beyond the channels, made possible the miracle of the Horta de Lleida, with an area of 19,000 hectares; and Lleida is the first city in Catalonia in agricultural production, especially sweet fruit, but now also oil and wine. A miracle that began in Roman times, was consolidated during the more than four centuries of Muslim occupation and has been expanded with new technological resources.

The proximity of l'Horta to the city of Lleida adds all the tourist attractions that the capital of Segrià has. Its historical heritage: the Seu Vella, the Gardeny Templar Castle, the Paeria Palace, the new Cathedral, the Church of San Lorenzo, the Jewish quarter, or the modernist houses; the diversity of museums such as the Water Museum, the House of the Giants, the Lleida Museum, the CaixaForum, or the Automotive Museum, Roda Roda; The natural spaces, framed mostly in Horta itself, such as the Parque de la Media, El Camino del Río or the Rufea wetlands, represent an unbeatable environment for the tourism offer that is proposed with the creation of cycle tourism or hiking routes, or tourist products linked to l'Horta.

In l'Horta de Lleida there are also two producers linked to the Costers del Segre wine designation of origin. Some wineries are included in this denomination made up of a mosaic of seven territories spread throughout the entire basin of the Segre River and the Lleida Pyrenees: Pallars, Segrià, Urgell, Artesa de Segre, Raimat, Garrigues and Valles del Río Corvo. The vineyard area of this designation of origin is about four thousand hectares, of which more than half are geographically located in the capital of Segrià and in which Raimat has an important specific weight with a castle, a cathedral and more than 3,000 hectares full of history.

In addition, Lleida has a range of festive events known throughout the country. The convening power of the Aplec del Cargol, the traditional Moors and Christians Festival, the Puppet Fair, the Major Festival, the Scattered Music Festival, the Autumn or San Miguel Festivals and the various festivals linked to music, represent a channel of inestimable value to get to know the Huerta de Lleida, its attractions and producers who produce with environmentally friendly agricultural practices so as not to contaminate our natural resources. Especially, the Aplec del Cargol, the Moors and Christians Festival or the Sant Miquel Festival, which coincide in time with the best time to visit l'Horta because it is in full flowering, harvesting or harvesting season.

Under these premises, different routes have been defined to discover the uniqueness of l'Horta de Lleida.

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