Ruta Salamina Soldiers

Ruta Salamina Soldiers

In 2001 the novel Soldiers of Salamis by Javier Cercas written was published. It is about different episodes of the Spanish Civil War who lived in the last days of this conflict, in the region of Pla de l'Estany from revolutionary outbreak and withdrawal the Republican army.

This type of exercise in historical recovery embodied in a novel was a success. Therefore, it is currently translated into more than ten different languages ​​and even a movie was shot.

This novel also inspired clothing three hiking trails that reveal the main stages that were experienced in the period from the Sanctuary of Collell, which became, at that time, in a Republican prison and territory Palol de Revardit. Scenarios, spaces and corners that for a while were the hideouts and shelters of many people.

The three hiking trails circularity as they begin and end at the same point, try different crucial moments of the novel. In the same book, the author cites "All wars are full of novelistic stories, truths. Only for those who do not live in. Just to whom the account." And with this phrase that we encourage you to walk comfortably calcéis and live what Fences narrated in the novel and at the same time, following the historical events that took place in the region of Pla de l'Estany.

What narrates the novel?

Route Soldiers of Salamis (Salamina Soldiers Javier Cercas) The novel Soldados de Salamina is part of the last days of the Spanish Civil War, when young men and right - wing ideology and wealthy families in the area for forest and garden fleeing militiamen controls to prevent hid be imprisoned, shot or forced to go to the front.

Due to the advancement of nationalist troops to Catalonia, Republicans withdrew eliminating any communication channel and made the decision to shoot part of the most significant prisoners who were held so far.

These historical events around the figure of Rafael Sánchez Mazas, writer and ideologist of the Falange and close friend of Primo de Rivera explained.

At that time, he was imprisoned in a shrine, in the Sanctuary of Collell, serving the function of prison until they decide to execute him along with 30 other prisoners. However, Sanchez Mazas manages to escape by hiding in the forest.

The tranquility and peace did not last long, as a Republican soldier finds that, surprisingly, spares his life. After this, Sánchez Mazas, having received a lesson of life, thanks to the help of some farmers took refuge.

A few days after these events, the Nationalist troops came to the shrine to free the remaining prisoners and kill the Republican Guards.

Route I: Forest Friends

Soldiers of Salamina Route (Ruta Los Amigos Del Bosque) Route 1 has as a starting point Mas Borrell, located in Palol de Revardit, and easy difficulty with a clipping achievable 3.5 kilometers, approximately an hour and a half or two.

Mas Borrell was where Sánchez Mazas arrived hungry and tired when he fled from the Republican troops and the shooting and where the family of Maria Ferré offered him food and advised where they could hide.

However, before finding Mas Borrell, Sánchez Mazas ran and was hiding, on different days, the forests of Palol of Revardit and Cornellà de Terri along with the rest of Amigos del Bosque (Daniel Angelats, Quim and Pere Figueras) hence the meaning of the name of this route.

To discover the stage where the leak occurred from Mas Borrell cross the forest of Can Batlle up to the Nova House.

Soldiers of Salamina Route (Palol De Mas Borrell Revardit) In this second farmhouse, which today lies in ruins, Sánchez Mazas was hiding there for a few days thanks to the Ferre family.

The route continues along the path around the Casa Nova and follow the river crossing the forest track that takes us to the center of Palol de Revardit.

This environment and sites were also the scenes where part of the movie based on the novel by David Trueba filmed and recorded.

Route II: the refuge of the ambushers

Soldiers of Salamina Route (Route shelters the Emboscats) The second route, more difficult (medium - high), part of Can Gifré in Sant Miquel de Campmajor. This covers a distance of 10 kilometers that can be performed in almost five hours.

If you reach the exit point vehicle, this can park in front of the farm of Can Gifré. And from there, start climbing on foot.

The route leads through the gorge of Golany up to the plain of San Nicolas.

During the itinerary you go through the cave of Capellan, a natural space become hideout is hidden in the dense forest, just below the cliffs of Golany.

Before the cave chickadees cottage was built to accommodate and shelter to those in need.

Route Soldiers of Salamis (Salamina Soldiers Barranco De Golany) Both the cave and hut welcomed defectors from the two existing, nationalist and Republican sides. In several periods, between 1936 and 1939, they found up to twenty-one people, whether civilians or cures.

The refugees had the complicity of the residents of the towns of Sant Miquel de Campmajor and Falgons, who brought them food.

Add to this second route is characterized by offering diverse landscapes. On the one hand, the stretch that leads to the Cave of Capellans is steep and difficult while the section of Sant Miquel de Campmajor is more level and can be done in a relaxed manner.

Route III: Collell sanctuary - war prison

Soldiers of Salamina Route (Ruta El Santuario De Colell Prisoner Of War) The third route that sets the path of Soldados de Salamina starts in the parking Collell Maria Sanctuary.

This is the most complicated of the three, with a high difficulty and lasting about five hours.

The route takes us fifteen kilometers into the region of the Garrotxa following, largely Being river, where, at some point, you should remove their shoes to cross the river. For this reason, this route is advisable to do during the summer months.

The beginning is the Sanctuary of Collell Maria, a building that was converted in prison for the Republican side and where Sánchez Mazas had retained along with other detained significant and prestigious (Falangists among other leaders).

The route continues along the path left front of the Shrine and continues towards the village of Torn. Later it is necessary to cross the river to plant us to the town of Torn and turn right onto a path of great journey.

Soldiers of Salamina Route (Santu Of Our Ten Del Colell) The trail, until recently, bordering the Self river and then we continue along the river, turning to cross, and go into the field Brugada (Forest Mas Rampinya) taking the road to the town of Sant Miquel de Campmajor.

Following this direction will reach the castle and the mill of the Rock and enjoy a space of high natural beauty.

Taking up the road later, we will see some fields that we will be right. From these fields, bordering Forest Cadamont, you can see the farmhouse las Carreras, today uninhabited, which was the hideout of another nationalist who survived the same squad that Sanchez Mazas and was welcomed by the mayor of Sant Miquel de Campmajor who lived in this house.

This refugee was then to France to seek exile, as the mayor welcomed the condition that one night stay.

Finally, the route takes us to get into the forest Cadamont that will lead us to the house of the family Cadamont and again at the Shrine of St. Mary of Collell.

Noted that the landscape of this third route is essentially moist and lush.

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