Magma Santa Coloma de Farners

Veinat de Vall, s/n.. Santa Coloma de Farners

Located in Santa Coloma de Farners, MAGMA Thermal Leisure Centre offers you modern facilities located on an incomparable natural setting of 5,000 m2 where live three areas complement each other and that the client can be used individually or combined.

Thermal ludic Centre

MAGMA Thermal Leisure Centre offers a new proposal for health, relaxation and wellness: thermoludism, a different way to enjoy all the properties of medicinal mineral hot springs of Spa Termes Orion as a wide variety of services, designed and designed to meet the expectations of an audience of all ages.
Stresses the particular sensitivity towards families with babies and young children, where they can experience in comfort and safety their first spa experience.

  • Thermal Space
    more than 870 m2 of sheet of water distributed in different indoor and outdoor spas.
  • Central Spa
    250 m2 of sheet of water between 33 ° C and 35 ° C temperature with hydromassage benches, pot bubbles, massage beds, cascades pressure water jets and river cross.
  • Whirlpools
    Two Jacuzzis for up to 8 people each and a temperature between 33 º C and 35 º C.
  • Swimming pool
    With a length of 25 m and a temperature of between 26 º C and 29 º C.
  • Child Space
    It consists of a small pool of 5 m in diameter and 30 cm deep, with water features adapted for babies and children up to five years.
  • Spa's Foreign
    Two outdoor spas, the largest with 270 m2 of water surface at room temperature with pressure water jets and waterfalls mushroom. A second spa with 126 m2 of water surface at a temperature of between 32 º C and 34 º C with hydromassage benches, pot bubbles and pressurized water jets.
  • Hammam or steam bath
    Moist heat about 60 ° C.
  • Dry or Finnish Sauna
    Dry heat of about 75 ° C.
  • Roman Baths with Chromotherapy
    Damp heat about 50 ° C which combines with a light chromotherapy eucalyptus steam.
  • Contrast showers
    A different temperatures to stimulate circulation between sauna and sauna.
  • Ice Pit
    Ice for toning and circulatory stimulation.
  • Rest Area
    Thermal loungers at 38 ° C for stretching and rest.
    exclusive area dedicated to all types of body treatments, massages and cosmetic services. The ideal place to break away from the usual living conditions and be pampered and relax in the hands of best team of professionals.
  • Free Buffet Restaurant Magnatum
    to sample a careful selection of salads, dishes of Catalan cuisine and a variety of grilled meats.


  • Monday to Thursday from 11h to 22h
  • Friday from 11h to 23h
  • Saturday and Sunday from 10h to 23h
  • Tuesday Closed
  • Special Overtures: April 3, 2012 - May 1, 2012 - September 11, 2012 and every Tuesday of August.
  • Closed Technique: From 3 to July 12, 2012.