Cubick Room Escape Mataró

Carrer de la Cooperativa, 77, bajo 2, Mataró Mataró

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6 different experiences in Escape Room format

Live a movie in first person with your group of friends or family.

Options for all audiences; horror, tension, investigation, action or fun

All the Cubick Room Escape games have been carefully designed, taking maximum care of every detail of both the tests and the setting. Our goal is maximum immersion to make you forget that it is just a game.

The games and escape rooms have been created following the methodology of working in a film, with the aim of awakening your 5 senses and emotions, shooting your adrenaline with great fun and intrigue. Our mission is for you to live a live Room Escape experience to the limit.

A Room Escape is an ideal activity to spend a different and unforgettable time with your loved ones, it takes place in a place with one or several rooms, full of enigmas, and strange objects.
The different rooms are controlled at all times by the game director.

«. In which you will feel like the protagonists of a movie.”

Upon entering the doors will close behind you and you will have 80 minutes to discover and solve the different mysteries that the room hides, the objective is simple, to escape before the time runs out.

Nathael: Terror, from 2 to 6 players, minimum age 16 (C/ Cooperativa 77, Mataró)

The rescue of Maria: Tension, from 2 to 7 players, minimum age 12 years (C/ Cooperativa 77, Mataró)

The interview: Tension, from 2 to 7 players, minimum age 14 (C/ Cooperativa 77, Mataró)

The hour of the beasts: Tension, from 2 to 7 players, minimum age 14 years (Av. America 14, Mataró)

Green Light: Physical, from 2 to 6 players, minimum age 14 years (Pl. Cataluña 33, Mataró)

Crisys: Research, from 4 to 24 players, minimum age 10 years (Pl. Catalunya 33, Mataró)


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