Segway Comarca Aventura Arenys de Munt

C/Batlle Trias s/n Arenys de Munt

Segway en el Maresme, with the spirit of enjoying our surroundings, Comarca Aventura is born , a company dedicated to leisure activities, designed to have fun and get in touch with nature in a very different way.

Our specialty is segway routes, an easy, fun and ecological means of transport that allows us to enter the most spectacular places of the Maresme region. Comarca Aventura offers a wide range of routes to enjoy this vehicle, in very different environments, there are routes for all ages and levels.

The Segway X2 is a means of transport, which allows you to move in a very different, fun and ecological way, it is a vehicle that interacts with the movements of your body, as easy as leaning in the direction where you want to go and the device responds to the instantly, neither accelerate nor slow down or seek balance, simply relax and savor the moment.

With the Segway you will feel freedom, euphoria and confidence, you have the feeling that the ground moves below you, but without touching it, it is like floating above the ground, giving you the sensation of power, speed and absolute control.

Everything feels natural and instinctive, that's what it feels like when you get on the Segway; "My verdict is that the Segway is fun to ride, it's safe and stable, and it's a truly impressive use of digital technology, it's very easy to learn and, in many ways, it's just amazing."


Route between Vineyards with Segway Comarca Aventura

Segway Comarca Aventura Arenys de Munt

60 €


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