Castell de Montesquiu Montesquiu

Parc del castell de Montesquiu. Montesquiu

Montesquiu Castle is within Montesquiu Castle Park located in the Bisaura, northern limit of Osona. Crossing space between the mountains and the flat Ripollès Vic, the Bisaura is drawn with crop fields and meadows of grass, with hermitages, farmhouses and castles. Walking through these places, we find oak forests in the sunniest slopes and magnificent beech forests in gazas, rocky streams and beautiful hidden water breaks. And if we get into some of the numerous peaks, we enjoy unrivaled panoramic views.

Montesquiu Castle has possibly originated in the enclave of a tower guard who had built the Count Guifré I (the Hairy), in the ninth century. It is not until the mid-fourteenth century, but when the present castle goes from being a big house intended for defense, to become a fortified residence. Arnau Guillem de Besora is the first of its lineage that inhabits the castle.

In the seventeenth century, Louis Descatllar, despite residing in Barcelona, expands and ennobles the house. He construction of the present chapel and expansion of the Northeast sector is due, among other actions meant a major change in the overall image of the building.

In the early twentieth century, Emili Juncadella, figurehead of the gentry of the moment, gives the appearance of old manor castle has today and complete with gardens. But reform of Juncadella hides many vestiges of evolution and previous enlargements of the building.

Currently, and after an intervention that has retained the most significant architectural testimonies of the different periods, the castle has regained its link with the territory and integrated throughout the park.

Montesquiu Castle hosts exhibitions, an information point territory and organizes cultural activities and outings to the natural environment.

The top floor of the Castle of Montesquiu is conditioned and equipped Resource Center and conferences, seminars and courses or workshops are developed by both companies as entities or bodies, whether public or private.


Castle opening:

  • From November to March: Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 11 to 14 h;
  • From April to October, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 11 to 14 h 16 to 19 h;
  • July and August also working 11 to 14 h;

Schedule of guided tours of the castle

  • At o'clock: Mornings 11 h, 12 h and 13 h; evenings (only months when there hours later), 16 h, 17 h and 18 h
  • arranged for groups of 20 people or more visits.

Prices are guided tours of the outbuildings

  • entrance child until 12 years: free
  • Input for youth 12 to 18 years: 2.00 euros
  • Entry adults, 18 to 65 years: 3.50 euros
  • Entry for the over 65s: 2.50 euros
  • Input for group (20 to 40 people): 1.50 euros per person
  • Discounted admission youth card or student card (up to 25 years): 2.00 euros

educational activities

  • Guided visits to the castle of Montesquiu
  • Nature workshops and outlets for all audiences
  • techniques and training sessions
  • Permanent exhibition Emili Juncadella, mountainous Mirabilia Opera Tua sunt Domine
  • Buscabosc: geocaching game to learn about sustainable forest management
  • Permanent exhibition at the Solana: The man-forest relationship, past and present

Other activities

  • Nordic walking outings to discover the territory
  • Spring and autumn activities around the natural environment
  • Music in the Gardens
  • dramatized visits
  • art exhibitions
  • Itineraries to tour the park on foot


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