Vilanova de Sau

Province: Barcelona
Shire: Osona
Inhabitants: 330
Extension: 58,8 Km2
Altitude: 558 m

The sprawling municipality of Vilanova de Sau is located east of the Osona and covers most of the former demarcation of Sau, in the valley of the Ter. We can distinguish two very different sides. On the one hand Sau valley, with the town of Vilanova de Sau front, the old village of San Román (denied by the waters from the opening of the marsh in 1962), and the village of Sau Nou. Following the river Ter, the valley is closed to the north by the spectacular cliffs of Tavertet and east begins the second side, made up the bulk of Guilleries, from the mountainous of Gavarra in the lower valley of the stream Mayor.

The core of Vilanova, emerged with the construction of the dam has become a traditional villa with typical ancient buildings of the country, and with a wide range of leisure and tourism.

In 1962, with the opening of Sau, the people grew and the ancient town now combines history with a wide range of leisure and tourism.
The Sau Valley is full of scattered farmhouses, some important and is crossed by a large number of ways.

Places of interest

Sau Reservoir, opened in 1962 to supply water to Barcelona, ??is located under the riscosde Tavertet, denies the old valley and village of Sant Romà de Sau, with its Romanesque bell tower, popular as the water level of the reservoir. With 17 km long and 3 wide allows water sports and fishing. A 6 km from Vilanova de Sau drive.

Sau Reservoir extending to the red cliffs Tavertet is a circular route with steep slope but highly recommended. It offers stunning views from the cliff. It rises to the level of Tavertet Castle and back down. From the Sau Reservoir route runs for two hours and you have to walk a distance of 7 km (round trip).

Sau Sant Romà is the XI century church beneath the waters of the swamp. The steeple stands out as popular indicator of the water level.

The Munts cliffs, straddling Tavèrnoles and Vilanova de Sau, stand with walls 200 meters. The best viewpoints are Guilleries Alfar mount and jump ChaCha. A 6 km drive Folgueroles.

The Domus del Pi are the remains of a Roman house, the tenth century, situated right at the foot of the cliff.

Santa Maria de Vilanova is the XI century Romanesque church located in the center of the village.

Located 927 meters Bancells Sant Andreu is a Romanesque church of the eleventh century, and a magnificent viewpoint of Guilleries.

Vallclara Santa Maria is a former Cistercian monastery dating from the twelfth century.

Vilanova The Archaeological Museum displays a collection of archaeological deposits mined in the area.

The Mayor laughed born in Montseny flows into the Sau reservoir, collecting the waters of the stream of Castanyadell. It has all the beauty. One of them is Malafogassa bridge, bridge of two unequal arches and slender silhouette, and is also the crossroads of Guilleries in Sau Valley. It is dated 1498. A 5 km from Vilanova de Sau drive.

Tortadès Mas is a remarkable seventeenth-century house, situated in the parish of San Pedro de Castanyadell. One of the most important in the region.

Fiestas and traditions

  • Recital of verses: May 1st Sunday
  • Herbs Fair: 1st Sunday of June
  • Festival of Vilanova de Sau: August 15
  • Popular Caminada: 3rd Sunday of September
  • Crossing swimming in the Sau: last week of September
  • Feast of Sant Andreu de Bancells: Sunday closest to November 23
  • Crossing swamps balloon: Christmas Parties

Sau Valley Tourist Consortium Collsacabra

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