Looking for mushrooms in Berguedà and Solsonès

Avià, Bagà, Berga, Capolat ... (a 2.5 Km)

Mushroom hunting has become a national sport in its own way and we have to enjoy our forests. Go to look for mushrooms and is a general obsession, and this is great…

A walk through the plans of Montmajor in Baix Berguedà

Montmajor (a 3.9 Km)

We suggest a walk around the Montmajor nucleus and see how the landscape of Baix Berguedà leaves the pre-Pyrenean reliefs of the region and becomes more…

The Pujol de Planès and the Navel stream in Montmajor

Montmajor (a 3.9 Km)

A hidden secret, a surprising proposal. The peace, beauty and tranquility of this corner of Berguedà will not leave us indifferent. The privileged enclave…

Route through the streams of Sorba, Agua de Ora and Gargallà

Montmajor (a 3.9 Km)

We propose a route to discover the natural environment of the Sorba, Agua de Ora and Gargallà streams, in Montmajor el Baix Berguedà. Are you accompanying…

Circular route the Tossals de Vilella

Montmajor (a 3.9 Km)

Los Tossals is one of the least traveled and least known mountain ranges in Berguedà. The fact that it is in the shadow of other great peaks and its modest…

Permanent orientation circuits in Montclar

Montclar (a 4.2 Km)

The permanent orientation circuits are fixed routes so that everyone can do them at any time. To carry them out, the help of a compass or a mobile is necessary.…

Route of the three churches in Avià

Avià (a 7.5 Km)

We suggest that you explore the heritage of Avià, in Berguedà and visit the most significant churches in the town through this route of moderate difficulty.…

4 circular routes through Graugés, in Avià

Avià (a 7.5 Km)

We invite you to enjoy a good walk through the agricultural colony of Graugés, in the municipality of Avià. Next, we propose 4 circular routes with…

Obiols route in Avià by BTT

Avià (a 7.5 Km)

The proposed BTT route describes a route of low technical difficulty, although a bit long, through the municipality of Avià, in the southwest of Berga, through…

AviART: Art in the streets of Avià

Avià (a 7.5 Km)

Orientation semi-urban route through the nucleus of Avià, Berguedà and through the Creu neighborhood to be able to see the artistic works of the AviART…

Cim de Estela, Roc de Auró and Turret of the Engineer

Castellar del Riu (a 9.2 Km)

The Cim de Estela is one of the mythical points of the Rasos de Peguera pre-Pyrenean mountain range, a small spur that rises vertiginously over the Berguedan plain…

Monumental trees of Catalonia

Cànoves i Samalús, Castellar del Riu, Espinelves, Horta de Sant Joan ... (a 9.2 Km)

The monumental trees of Catalonia are those that are preserved and protected due to their particularity and species, thanks to a decree approved in 1987. Since…

Paths of the Bishop and Abbot Oliba

Artés, Casserres, Folgueroles, L'Estany ... (a 9.5 Km)

The Barcelona regions of Osona and Bages, and the Girona region of Ripollès, are the protagonists of this route that takes the name of a capital figure in…

Condal Pyrenees: a tour of the medieval Catalan identity

Berga, Besalú, Cardona, Castell de Mur ... (a 10.3 Km)

Condal Pyrenees route is the path of Catalan history, because it is not understood one without the other. He haunted medieval times when Catholics were struggling…

Picnic in Barcelona area

Barcelona, Berga, Fogars de Montclús, Lluçà ... (a 10.3 Km)

Has picnic gone? Catalonia has many designated areas and free use unknown to many of the citizens; You can find them in almost all populations, located in some…

The Romanesque in Alt Berguedà

Berga, Borredà, Guardiola de Berguedà, La Pobla de Lillet ... (a 10.3 Km)

Alt Berguedà area is known for its natural environment: mountains, forests, mushrooms, etc., but this time we will look at us with new eyes. We will do a…

The Patum of Berga

Berga (a 10.3 Km)

The celebration of the feast of Corpus for excellence in Berguedà has a name: the Patum. Some say it is a holiday that can not be explained in words, it's…

Berga during the Civil War

Berga (a 10.3 Km)

Berga like many other towns in the Central Catalonia were far from the front for a long time and, despite the formation of committees and militias, suffered no…


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The Patum of Berga

07/06/2023 - 11/06/2023

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10/06/2023 - 11/06/2023 ...

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