Apiferro Mel crua del Montsec Tremp

Apiferro - Mel Crua del Montsec, Castissent Tremp
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Beekeeping Experience

Visit the bees and taste their honey in a unique environment, in the heart of the Montsec Mountain Range and with privileged views of the northern entrance of the Mont-Rebei Gorge.

The visit begins with a guided walk to the hives, with an explanation of the peculiarities of the territory, its fauna and flora, and the role that bees play in the ecosystem.

Once we arrive at the settlement, we will put on the beekeepers' suits, and we will have direct contact with the bees, with an explanation of how the hive works and other curiosities of this exciting world.

To finish, there will be a tasting in the middle of nature with a tasting of the different types of honey that can be obtained during the year accompanied by other products of the territory.


Apiferro is a small company started by Xavier Ferro, a biologist specializing in ecosystems and biodiversity. A native of the territory, from a very young age he learned the shepherd's trade accompanying his grandfather through the mountains and meadows of Monstec, where he acquired in-depth knowledge of the area.

Over the years, combining technical knowledge and experience, he ends up turning his hobby, beekeeping, into his profession, with the illusion of living in the environment in which he grew up, and doing so with respect and esteem for nature in its wildest state..


Our honey is 100% pure, just as we find it in nature. Raw honey is honey that has not undergone any transformation since the bees have generated it until it has been packaged and therefore keeps all its properties intact.

It is an exclusive honey from Montsec, where aromatic and melliferous plants such as rosemary, thyme, lavender and savory are found, which provide fragrances and an exclusive flavor of the territory.

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You can contact Xavier Ferro directly at 640 71 13 94 (whatsapp) or send an email to .


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