Abellaires Empordanesos Garriguella

Carrer Sant Sebastia, 5 Garriguella
Contact comandes@abellaires.com

We are a beekeeping company located in Garriguella, in Alt Empordà ( Girona ), dedicated to the production, packaging and marketing of honey and pollen, both from our own harvest and from other producer partners and beekeepers. In addition, for a few years, we have been producers of certified organic honey.

We started this activity in 1983, some partners alternated it with other agricultural work. In 2005 we made an investment to generate photovoltaic solar energy, contributing to respect for the environment with clean, non-polluting energy.

With the experience of a lifetime dedicated to the rural world, we firmly believe that only by respecting nature and living in harmony with the environment will we be able to offer a quality handmade product.

We also help the environment with the silent, constant and efficient work that bees do with the pollination of flowers and trees, thus contributing to the ecological balance, giving us an example of organization, teamwork and generosity.

We propose that you share with us, apart from honey and pollen (products that nature gives us through bees) a more natural and leisurely lifestyle, enjoying the biodiversity that surrounds us and that contributes to a better quality of life.

Visits "Beekeepers for a day"


  • The whole group meets in Abellaires Empordaneses to put on our beekeeper's outfit.
  • We go to the apiary with private cars (5 minutes).
  • Small explanation of the environment and the honey flora.
  • We open the hive and see the different tasks of each bee.
  • We observe how the whole population works inside the hive and we combine everyone's participation with the use of the smoker (essential for the beekeeper's work) the temperator.
  • Time for questions and doubts.

return to the store

Brief visit to the workshop and a sweet experience that includes a tasting of three honeys from our farm.

We finish the visit in our store where you will find a great diversity of honey and products derived from the hive.

Visit by schools

Visit to our facilities, special explanatory video for schools, talk with a beekeeper where we teach them the different derivatives of honey and beehive products, question time, visit to the facilities, honey extraction room and packaging room, photo dressed in beekeeper and detail of a small pot of honey.


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