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Province: Girona | Shire: Gironès | Inhabitants: 30.304 | Extension: 6,6 Km2 | Altitude: 83 m

The municipality of Salt, with an area of 6,6092 km 2, is one of the smallest of the Girona regions; It is located in the extreme center-west of the Gironès region and occupies one of the best and most generous alluvial plains in the region thanks to the continuous and regular action of the river Ter, surely the most determining and significant element of its natural environment.

The municipality of Salt is 83.7 m above sea level, according to the still living testimony that we can find in the old neighborhood station, today converted into the Young Station, where the "train", with its kind air, He was heading towards Olot.

Its geographical limits are: to the north, with the municipality of Sant Gregori to the east, with Santa Eugènia de Ter, Girona and Palau Sacosta; to the south, Vilablareix, and finally, to the west, Bescanó.

The hydrographic network is basically configured by the river Ter, which crosses the municipality from west to east and serves as the limit of the municipal terms of Salt with Sant Gregori and Girona, and establishes the northern border of the municipality.

In addition to the river Ter, the surface water network has other elements: on the one hand, the natural drains of the last buttresses of the Guilleries, which are the Maçana, Marroc and the Rera Mus, which end directly and indirectly in the river Ter and on the other, the artificial irrigation systems that hang from the Monar ditch, which at the same time connects directly with the Ter river. All of them allow watering the area between the river and the ditch. Except for this small agricultural space, delimited by the river and the ditch, Salt is a large urbanized area as a result of a process that had its most poignant moment during the seventies and eighties of the twentieth century.

Salt water museum

The Museum wants to make the visitor aware of the importance of water, from its chemical composition to the current research on other planets, passing through the different states in which we can find it. Through a pleasant tour we discover the importance of water for flora, fauna, nature and man, from the creation of life on Earth, to the use that humanity has made throughout the centuries.

In addition, this museum illustrates in an educational way the differential fact that made the population of Salt emerge next to the great Girona thanks to the use of the resources that the water provided, specifically that of the Monar canal and the Ter river, and that favored the emergence of an emerging agriculture and, later, the establishment of textile factories and power plants.

The museum is located in the Kropotkin warehouse of the Coma Cros Cultural Factory, a former textile factory and a key place to understand the recent history of Salt.

Individual or group visits

Visit freely or arrange a group visit with a guide.

Family Visits

We organize different activities to enjoy and learn as a family. Children and adults will share the activity, which can also take place in the nearby natural environment (Dehesas and Acequia Monar).

School visits

Tailored educational activities for nursery, primary and secondary schools. Possibility of arranging a complete package with a stay in the nearby natural environment and a picnic area.

Shcedules and prices

  • Hours: Monday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
  • Free individual visit.
  • Visit for groups or educational centers: request information


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