Province: Girona | Shire: Gironès | Inhabitants: 5.156 | Extension: 35,9 Km2 | Altitude: 102 m

The municipality of Bescanó is located on the right bank of the River Ter, to the west of the Gironès region. It occupies 36 km2 of the eastern foothills of Les Guilleries. The towns of Bescanó, Estanyol, Montfullà and Vilanna share a Mediterranean landscape of wooded hills.

It delimits: by the north, the river Ter; to the south, the Onyar headwaters, the Crosa volcano and the La Selva plain; to the east, the Girona plain; and to the west, the plain of Trullàs.

The rural environment preserves the agricultural past: fertile fields on the plain, hills with thick forest and some urbanized. The population exceeds 5,000 inhabitants, many people live in Bescanó and go to work in the Girona area; the town grows and a modern and dynamic industrial and service economy develops.


The archaeological pieces show a remote, rich and diverse past: Paleolithic settlements on Mount Rigau and the Roman villa of Montfullà; Iberian settlement and field of silos of Estanyol, medieval castles of Bescanó; chapels and pre-Romanesque farmhouses of Vilanna. Iberian place names such as Taceram (Ter) and Visigothic names such as the Wualard de Trullars farmhouse survive. The medieval parishes were structured during the early Middle Ages on four Roman towns: Vilanna, Montfullà, Estanyol and Bescanó.

The county domain is maintained in Montfullà and Bescanó, but the indebtedness of the kings makes the bourgeois of Girona buy rents and found farmhouses where they will take refuge from the famine of 1333 and the black plague of 1348.

The fifteenth century is the time of waste. The buildings are damaged by the earthquakes of 1427. The new European states put pressure on Catalonia. Girona is fortified to guard the entrance to the peninsula. Bescanó shares the continuous sieges on the city, the defense, the destruction and the bleeding of the tributes that both the city and the besieged enemies claim.

During the Carlist wars in Vilanna the summary executions of the Carlist took place (1851) which precipitated the abolition of the mossos d'esquadra corps. Between the second and third Carlist wars, the public schools of Bescanó and Estanyol were established.

At the end of the 19th century, Bescanó began to emerge from the Old Regime: in 1880 the national highway was built and in 1893 the Girona - Olot train. Grober and Bonmatí build bridges over the Ter to access the textile factories, a symbol of change and socioeconomic progress of the 20th century.

The civil war breaks out, and in Bescanó and Estanyol anti-fascist committees are formed that will assume the tasks of defense and municipal government until they achieve political control of the city council.

In the 1960s, meat industries, shops, workshops... were developed, attracting immigration from the surrounding area. The Susqueda reservoir makes one forget the waterspouts The Olot train folds. A public kindergarten replaces the factory one. The extension grows and the first floors are built in the working-class neighborhood, new houses.

From the 80s here, the economic impulse of the metropolitan area of Girona is taken advantage of, which translates into a sustained and sustainable urban and population growth, equipped with all the public services that they can have and maintain.

Places of interest

  • The Tower of Bescanó
  • Church of Sant Llorenc
  • Bescanó Power Station
  • Telegraph Tower
  • Vilanna Power Station
  • Peixet mill
  • Vilanna's Tower
  • Counts of Berenguer Palace
  • Chapel of Santa Margarida

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Where to sleep

Hotel Rural La Sala de Camós

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Weather forecast

Morning Weather forecast Morning
Evening Weather forecast Evening
Max 29º
Min 13º
Morning Weather forecast Morning
Evening Weather forecast Evening
Max 30º
Min 16º
Source: Dades Obertes de la Generalitat de Catalunya


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