Semi-circular route in Tosa de Alp and Puigllançada


In the dividing range that separates Berguedà from Cerdanya, two of the highest and most spectacular peaks are Tosa de Alp (2,536 m) and Puigllançada…

Grand Tour of Catalonia - Section 4. Ode in nature: from La…

Bagà, Banyoles, Bellver de Cerdanya, Besalú ...

The Grand Tour de Catalunya is a journey full of travels. This circular route, inspired by the great journeys that the young people of the 17th century bourgeoisie…

The Natural Park Cadí-Moixeró

Bagà, Bellver de Cerdanya, Gósol, Josa i Tuixent ...

The Natural Park Moixeró is one of the largest natural areas that hosts our country (41,342 hectares) and with a greater number of habits and species of…

The Fia-Faia, Christmas tradition

Bagà, Sant Julià de Cerdanyola

Started in December we are very close to the Christmas party, the streets are decorated and popular traditions resurface again recalling the practices that our…

Route through Cap de la Boixassa through the Empedrats and return…


The calcareous terrain of Alt Berguedà has given rise to several springs of water that gush out in fountains and spectacular waterfalls. The most typical…

Looking for mushrooms in Berguedà and Solsonès

Avià, Bagà, Berga, Capolat ...

Mushroom hunting has become a national sport in its own way and we have to enjoy our forests. Go to look for mushrooms and is a general obsession, and this is great…

The Way of the Cathars

Bagà, Bellver de Cerdanya, Berga, Gósol

The Way of the Cathars (75 km and +) commemorates the exile of the Occitan Cathars, called Cathars and Good Women, who promoted pure and simple Christianity, based…

Empedrats, Cap de la Boixassa and Adou del Bastareny


The calcareous terrain of Alt Berguedà has given rise to several springs of water that gush out in very spectacular fountains and waterfalls. The most typical…

Snowshoe route through Tosa de Alp from Coll de Pal


This route is perfectly doable with snowshoes and ideal for beginners.

Picasso's Way from Berguedà to Cerdanya

Bellver de Cerdanya, Gósol, Guardiola de Berguedà, Saldes (a 2.6 Km)

In the spring of 1906 the painter Pablo Picasso, encouraged by a friend who knew the town, settled in Gósol. For two and a half months, the people and landscapes…

Penyes Altes del Moixeró from Gréixer

Guardiola de Berguedà, Riu de Cerdanya, Urús (a 2.6 Km)

Often overshadowed by its taller neighbors (El Cadí and La Tosa), El Moixeró is a mountain range that we have passed through the Cadí Tunnel…

The Romanesque in Alt Berguedà

Berga, Borredà, Guardiola de Berguedà, La Pobla de Lillet ... (a 2.6 Km)

Alt Berguedà area is known for its natural environment: mountains, forests, mushrooms, etc., but this time we will look at us with new eyes. We will do a…

Gaudí and the Berguedà

Castellar de n'Hug, Guardiola de Berguedà, La Pobla de Lillet (a 2.6 Km)

La Pobla de Lillet, in the interior of Catalonia, is the second municipality with the most works by Gaudí, only surpassed by the city of Barcelona. There…

Comabona from El Prat de Aguiló (circular)

Gisclareny (a 6.3 Km)

The north face of Cadí is one of the most emblematic areas of Cerdanya. The limestone nature of this massif makes the north face look very rugged and alpine.…

Gisclareny, his routes in capital letters

Gisclareny (a 6.3 Km)

Gisclareny, a small town in the Berguedà region, is a natural jewel included in the Cadí Moixeró natural park. The municipality borders Bagà,…

Circular route through the Cingles de Vallcebre

Vallcebre (a 6.6 Km)

A classic circular route with good views of Alt Berguedà following the PR-C 128. This path goes around the municipality of Vallcebre through a long cliff…

La Gallina Pelada from Font Freda (Sierra de Ensija)

Fígols, Gósol, Saldes (a 8.3 Km)

In the shadow of Pedraforca, the Sierra de Ensija offers us an exceptional walk through the Berguedan heights between coniferous forests, green alpine meadows and…

Short circular route through the Malanyeu cliffs

La Nou de Berguedà (a 9.8 Km)

On this route we will be able to get to know the valley and the Malanyeu cliffs in depth. The exceptional views of Pedraforca, the beech forest of Las Espinedas…

Circular tour in Pedraforca

Gósol, Saldes (a 10.7 Km)

Pedraforca has many points of view. The most common is to walk to the top and contemplate the panorama from the heights. But another easy and affordable option…

Pollegó Superior del Pedraforca through Verdet's neck

Gósol, Saldes (a 10.7 Km)

If among all the emblematic peaks of Catalonia we had to choose one, due to the variety of corners and a most entertaining route, this is undoubtedly Pedraforca.…

Pollegó Inferior del Pedraforca by the Great Diagonal

Saldes (a 10.7 Km)

Radically different route to visit the unknown part of Pedraforca: Pollegó Inferior. A completely different landscape and tranquility compared to the crowded…

Tour of the Gresolet Valley

Saldes (a 10.7 Km)

The Gresolet Forest is probably the most spectacular and typical beech forest in Berguedà, as we find some of the largest monumental examples of beech trees…

Circular route through the Peñas Altas del Moixeró through…

Riu de Cerdanya (a 10.7 Km)

Often overshadowed by its higher neighbors (Cadín and Tosa de Alp), Moixeró is a mountain range that we have crossed many times through the Tunnel,…

Llobregat path

Castellar de n'Hug, El Prat de Llobregat (a 13.1 Km)

Long Distance Path (GR-270) that allows you to go from the source of the Llobregat river, in Castellar de n'Hug, to the mouth, in El Prat de Llobregat, passing…


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Fira Faia Sant Julià de Cerdanyola


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