Organic Food Products in l'Horta de Lleida

Organic Food Products in l'Horta de Lleida

We present a 30km route by car to discover the ecological production of l'Horta, and thus become ecologically aware.

This route runs through four organic farming and livestock farms in the garden and ends at the Rufea Social Gardens. During the journey you will discover a historic winery, a black Penedès chicken farm, vegetables with a social function and a lavender farm. This route focuses on the diversity of products and the uniqueness of projects with greater environmental awareness.

Raimat Wineries

One of the oldest wineries in the country with 3,200 ha. of vineyards. Also called the Cathedral of Wine, it dates back to 1918 and was built by the modernist architect and disciple of Gaudí, Joan Rubió y Bellever, being the first concrete building in Spain.

Located 5 minutes from Lleida capital, it is one of the two Lleida wineries that are part of the Costers del Segre Denomination of Origin and the Lleida Wine Route, seals that confirm its firm commitment to sustainable wine production.

It offers guided tours in which the 15 grape variations are explained, techniques to explain pests in the vineyards, along with wine tastings and pairings.

Coll Riba Ecological

A set of farms dedicated to the organic cultivation of different fruits and cereals, such as apricots, nectarine, peach, pear, apple, quince, forage, barley, wheat or sunflower.

Eggs Code 0

Eggs Code 0 is a small family farm located in l'Horta that takes care of the black penitent hens so well that they show it to anyone who wants to see it. A good option to consume their products is to buy fresh eggs or order chickens from the 'El Galliner' roastery that those responsible for the project have opened in the Balàfia neighbourhood.

All eggs that are legally marketed in our country have a code and the first number defines the welfare and quality of life of the hens that lay it. When it starts with a 0 we can be sure that the hens live in very good conditions.

Aromas of Can Rosselló

It is a pioneering company, born as a family initiative of farmers from l'Horta dedicated to the organic cultivation of lavender. Various gastronomic, recreational and cultural activities are organized from this, as well as open days, all with the aim of revitalizing the area, spreading life in the countryside and the products derived from the peasantry.

The peak of flowering, which takes place in June, attracts people from all over the country to visit, take photos and paint pictures surrounded by more than 22,000 plants, spread over some 3 hectares, that make up Aromas de Can Rosello. These give fruit to about 180 liters of essential oil or natural aroma, distilled naturally through the steam technique.

Germina glassware (Rufea social gardens)

The Rufea Family Orchards project began in 2011. The orchards have a well-known social, educational, recreational and personal well-being function. On the other hand, the project includes other objectives such as awareness of the values of the Huerta de Lleida and environmental awareness.

The plots are raffled among the people who request it and who meet the established requirements.

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