Mitmo, International Titelles Show in Mollet del Vallès

At the International Titelles Show, MITMO in Mollet del Vallès you can enjoy more than twenty shows and, in addition, become a puppeteer, learn the different manipulation techniques and assemble and bring the dolls to life.

The Exhibition is a magnificent opportunity for the family to share the magic of the stories that puppets and animated objects transmit to us.

The Exhibition has grown larger, has acquired international prestige and has specialized in interactive installations created by Galiot Teatre, where children and their families can put themselves in the shoes of the puppeteers.

The company from Molletana has created five interactive installations that can be seen together only once a year, during MITMO:

  • Cal Titella: a playground dedicated to puppets.
  • Puppet World Tent: an exhibition to go around the planet through puppets from different cultures and origins.
  • Monta Titella: a small workshop with recycled parts and screws to assemble articulated puppets.
  • Puppet Spinners: an old carousel that, instead of horses, has little automaton theaters.
  • Can Galiot Petit: a small tent, in which the sets of some of the shows have been adapted for this small new space, close and intimate.

Do not miss it!

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